U.S. military veterans attending online universities, including WGU Indiana, are now eligible for a monthly housing stipend in addition to their tuition benefits. The congressionally approved Post-9/11 GI Bill expands the housing stipend to veterans enrolled solely in distance learning. Under the bill, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs will give a monthly stipend of up to $673.50 to eligible veterans attending WGU Indiana and other similar universities.

“Keeping our military well educated is important to the success and safety of our men and women,” said Indiana National Guard Maj. Gen. R. Martin Umbarger. “From that vantage point, WGU Indiana provides an exceptional service to our troops and our nation. Only through a combination of military training and civilian education programs can we help our Guardsmen reach their personal and professional potential. Our soldiers and airmen will benefit tremendously from this parallel offering of learning opportunities and now these additional cost savings.”

As a competency-based university, WGU Indiana helps those in the military apply what they learn in the service to their education, making the university an attractive option for servicemen and women. The combination of WGU Indiana’s affordable tuition rates and new and existing benefits means good news for veteran students. Many are able to cover the entire cost of their education and related materials. WGU Indiana also offers scholarships specifically for military personnel on active-duty, veterans and their spouses.

“This is significant news and a necessary step toward providing appropriate financial support for members of the military to obtain a college degree,” said WGU Indiana Chancellor Allison Barber. “As an Army wife, I understand that our military members and their spouses have learned a lot from their job experiences, and WGU Indiana’s competency-based model allows them to apply their learning toward a degree. Our university provides the flexibility, quality and affordability that benefits our military community, and this bill expands access to WGU Indiana’s proven model.”

The newly expanded housing allowance is only available for non-active-duty students who have served. The amount of the monthly stipend is $673.50 for full-time students in the VA’s 100 percent eligibility tier, with a percentage available for veterans who have lower eligibilities.

Interested students can visit www.indiana.wgu.edu or call (877) 214-7014 for more information.

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