YMCA pool meeting

A new two-year lease between the Vigo County YMCA and City of Terre Haute has been signed with provisions to get the swimming pool re-opened.

Mayor Duke Bennett said the city will take over the cost of utilities, supplies and maintenance of the pool, relying on the experience of operating the existing Deming Park pool and contracts for supplies.

The YMCA will handle staffing for the pool.

YMCA Director Ryan Penrod called the agreement a big step forward.

“Although we don’t have an opening date for the pool just yet, having a new lease agreement allows the YMCA to continue to serve the community and expand operations,” Penrod said.

The YMCA has been paying the city a month-to-month lease of $2,500 since the lease agreement expired.

The new lease calls for the Y to pay $1,000 per month for the current facility through the end of 2019, with a utility reimbursement of $6,000 per month for the facility.

In 2020, the monthly lease will return to the current $2,500 rate. In 2021, the monthly lease payment for the building will be $3,000, Bennett said of the lease agreement.

The Make Waves group of Y members has collected $15,700 through donations from 100 people to be given to the Y as seed money for hiring life guards. The group has 85 members and a 13-member board that has been working on membership and fundraising to get the pool re-opened to offer exercise, therapy and recreational activities.

Seven Make Waves members attended to hear the announcement and support the effort to reopen the pool.

Bennett told Make Waves members that it could be a couple weeks before an opening date can be set.