Sullivan Mayor Clint Lamb won re-election on Tuesday. 

Lamb, a Democrat, tallied 766 votes to Republican challenger Josh Smith's 207 votes,  or a split of about 78.7% for Lamb and 21.3% for Smith.

In other contested races in Sullivan:

District 1 City Council: Democrat John Ellington defeated Republic Carl David Foster,  572-369, about 60.8 percent to 39.2%.

District 2 City Council: Democrat William Gene Bonham defeated Republican Randall Denham, 542-400, about 57.5% to 42.5%

District 3 City Council: Democrat Roger Dale Smith defeated Republican John L. Kristler, 541-395, about 57.8% to 42.2%.

District 4 City Council: Democrat Scott Brown defeated Republican Forrest W. Metcalf, 588-348, 62.8% to 37.2%.

At-large City Council: Democrat Tom McClanahan defeated Republican Jason Ewing, 766-205, 78.9 percent to 21.1%.

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