Man takes plea in case of motorcyclist shot with paintball

Zakary Maxwell

 A Terre Haute man has pleaded guilty to criminal recklessness in connection with an August 2018 incident when a motorcyclist was hit by a paintball.

Zakary Maxwell, 21, appeared in Vigo Superior Court 3 where he also pleaded guilty to auto theft in connection with a separate April 2019 incident. Judge Sarah Mullican set a Feb. 20 hearing for plea acceptance and sentencing.

City police investigated a report by a man who said he had been riding his motorcycle when he thought he was shot by people in another vehicle. The man pulled over because his side was painful and felt wet, and he discovered he had been shot by a paintball.

Police received other reports of vehicles and buildings being hit by paintballs that night. Officers located a suspect car in which Maxwell was a passenger. He was not criminally charged in connection with the incident until March 2019.

Co-defendant Leigha Hendrix, another passenger in the car, was charged with criminal recklessness and battery resulting in bodily injury in March 2019. She has a jury trial set for July 7 in Division 3.

The plea agreement for Maxwell also resolves the auto theft allegation. Maxwell remains in the Vigo County Jail with bond set at $10,000.

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