Lincoln Trail College has released its academic honor lists for the Fall 2011 semester. Three lists have been established by Illinois Eastern Community Colleges to indicate students who have achieved academic excellence. They are: the Chief Executive Officer’s Academic Honors List, the President’s Academic Honors List, and the Dean’s Academic Honors List.

To qualify for any of the honor lists, a student must be enrolled full-time (12 hours or more) and must be taking college-level classes.

To be named to the Chief Executive Officer’s Academic Honors List, students must achieve a term grade-point average of 3.90 or greater on a 4.00 scale; for the President’s Academic Honors List, between 3.75 and 3.89; and for the Dean’s Academic Honors List, between 3.50 and 3.74.

The following students have earned Fall 2011 academic honors:

Wabash Valley students on the Chief Executive Officer’s List: Ryan Shull, Casey, Ill.; Kyle Shipman, Dugger; Matthew Phillippe, Flat Rock, Ill.; Jessica Eddy, Hutsonville, Ill.; Cory Littlejohn, Kenzie Mendenhall and Levi Reynolds, Oblong, Ill.; George McGarvey, Palestine, Ill.; Zachary Dowden, Carrie Goodwin, Rex Gower, Daniel Hartley, Emilee Hoalt, Bailey Knust, Nichol Lopez, Stephen McPherson, Jessica Pittenger, Andrew Solliday, Brian Solliday, Joseph Stambaugh, Amber Stivers, Naotoshi Uechi, Kaitlyn Vanarsdalen, Cody Waggoner and Lori York, Robinson, Ill.; Levi Brush, West Union, Ill.; and Destiny Booth, West York, Ill.

Wabash Valley students on the President’s List: Kylie Ogle, Hutsonville, Ill.; Corey Ulrey, Martinsville, Ill.; Carson Green, Palestine, Ill.; Samantha Beatty, Carri Briley, Kevin Briner, Alizah Cannon, Whitney Cowdrey, Samantha Dart, Gabrielle Desch, Robert Hamilton, Heather Hansen, Mica Holt, Jason Jordan, Benjamin Kennedy, Michael Konyesni, Eleni Prewitt, Ilyas Salsanov, Andrew Schroeder, Kaylee Servison and Hannah Waggoner, Robinson, Ill.; Taffie Adams, Stoy, Ill.; Raymond Wallace, West Union, Ill.; and Cara Girdner, West York, Ill.

Wabash Valley students on the Dean’s List: Troy Tiffin, Casey, Ill.; Karen Fredrick, Alisha Heathscott and Taylor Richards, Flat Rock, Ill.; Cayla Pepmiller and Sierra Wagaman, Hutsonville, Ill.; Cody Bender and Ryan Medsker, Marshall, Ill.; Kelsey Maus, Dylan McCarty, Ethan Mendenhall, Justin Richards, Lyndee Ruddell and Jingyou Wang, Oblong, Ill.; Angelia Flynn, Marcy Ledbetter, Kimberley Meek, Hillary Steffey, Jace Taylor and Lauren Wagoner, Palestine, Ill.; Alex Bruner, Noah Buettgen, Cameron Chestnut, Sarah Drake, Scott Fleschner, Matthew Lingle, Charles McCord, Erica Phifer, Cody Robinson, Matthew Rodgers, Christina Shepard, Eric Stapleton, Errol Townsend, Jacob Weaver, Ryan Wells, Tyler Wells and Alex Wesley, Robinson, Ill.; Steven Gower, Jonathan Matheis and Cara Young, West Union, Ill.; Dalton Haddix, West York, Ill.

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