First Financial Bank sponsored the 10th biennial Indiana State University Police Recognition and Commendation awards dinner Tuesday.

The event took place in the Magna Carta Room of ISU's Scott College of Business and recognizes department employees for their accomplishments in 2017 and 2018.

The following officers, employees and attendees were honored:

Years of Service Awards

Five Years — Officers Austin Wolfe, David Barber and Jeff Stinson. Records Coordinator Karen James.

Ten Years — Corporal Brian Pierce, Dispatch Coordinator Gloria Ighile.

Fifteen Years  — Corporal Wendell McCollough.

Twenty Years — Sgt. Jacque Smith.

Thirty Five years — Lt. Jeff Bellinger.

Good Conduct Award

Captain Ian Loomis; Lieutenants Jeff Bellinger, David Smith and Tamara McCollough; Sergeants Jeffrey Bucklin, Brenda Edington, Jordan Gentry, Dan Parmer and Jacque Smith; Corporal Wendell McCollough; Officers David Barber, Michael Eldred, Christopher Heleine, Andrew Piske, Jeffrey Stinson, Austin Wolfe and Craig Wright; Assistant Director of Parking Services Lori Elkins; Parking Services Assistant Christine Pine; Records Coordinator Karen James; Chief's Assistant Tammy Parker; Communications Officers Emily Rigdon, Hanna Mills, Andy Gonthier and Allison Lucas; Dispatch Coordinator Gloria Ighile.

Honorable Services Award 

Lieutenant David Smith; Sergeant Brenda Edington, Jeff Bucklin, Dan Parmer and Jordan Gentry; Corporal Dell McCollough; Officers Michael Eldred, Austin Wolfe, Jeff Stinson, Aaron Sloan and Chris Heleine; Dispatchers Emily Rigdon and Andy Gonthier.

Police Star Award 

Assistant Chief Michele Barrett; Captain Ian Loomis; Lieutenants David Smith, Jeff Bellinger and Tamara McCollough; Sergeants Brenda Edington, Jacque Smith, Brent Denny, Daniel Parmer, Jordan Gentry and Jeff Bucklin; Corporals Brian Pierce and Wendell McCollough; Officers Austin Wolfe, David Barber, Craig Wright, Andrew Piske, Mike Eldred, Jeff Stinson, Aaron Sloan, Jacob Harrison, Chris Heleine, Thierno Diallo, and Adarius Washington; Dispatch Coordinator Gloria Ighile; Dispatchers Hanna Mills, Andrew Gonthier and Emily Rigdon.

Life Saving Award

Officer Jeff Stinson; Sergeant Dan Parmer

Civilian Award

Mark Pupilli, ISU building and facilities manager

Chief of police award

First Financial Bank; Chief Shawn Keen, Terre Haute Police Department; Brenda Edington.

Sue Loughlin has been a reporter at the Tribune-Star for more than 30 years. She covers general news with a focus on education.