INDOT updating its 5-year plan for road projects

The Indiana Department of Transportation is updating its five-year plan for road projects.

The plan — called the Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan or STIP — outlines federal funds proposed for each county, along with matching state funding. A draft of the plan can be found until Feb. 16 at

"It is a five-year planning document that lists all the projects expected to be funded with federal and state funds which have been deemed regionally significant," said Debbie Calder, spokesperson for INDOT's Crawfordsville District, which includes Vigo, Clay, Parke, Vermillion counties, while its Vincennes district includes Sullivan County.

"The plan is actually updated every year. We encourage you to hop onto our virtual meetings ... to ask questions on projects that we have in that time frame. They can use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to join us for the virtual meetings," Calder said.

INDOT will stage two virtual meetings — the first on Wednesday, Feb. 8, at 1 p.m. and a second on Thursday, Feb. 9, at 6 p.m. Registration is also at Recordings of the meetings will also be available online.

In Vigo County, the five-year plan targets more than $41.66 million in federal funds, with more than $9.08 million in state funds over a five-year period, starting in 2022 and running through 2026.

Some work in 2022 includes more than $9.5 million road overlay on Interstate 70. It starts at 6.85 miles west of U.S. 41, which is the Illinois state line, to 1.68 miles west of U.S. 41.

There's also $10.8 million for a bridge thin-deck overlay on the Indiana 641 bypass, located 2.78 miles north of U.S. 41 over McDaniel Road. Another related project is $4.9 million of road overlay work on the 641 bypass, from U.S. 41 to 2.46 miles north of U.S. 41, ending at McDaniel Road. This work is slated for 2023.

Another 2022 road project includes a $2.1 million bridge deck replacement on U.S. 41 northbound, located 6.13 miles north of the junction with Indiana 63.

The STIP plan outlines more than $91.9 million of work, with more than $18.7 million in state funds, in Vermillion County, over the next five years. Most of that work is slated in 2026 with more than a $31.5 million renovation of the Spring Creek Welcome Center on Interstate 74.

Other work includes a $3.4 million bridge deck replacement on Indiana 63, located 2.75 miles south of Indiana 163 over Brouilletts Creek, in 2025. For 2022, the plan shows a $5.1 million bridge deck replacement on southbound Indiana 63 over Vermillion River located 0.62 miles north of Indiana 234.

Parke County has more than $15.5 million in federal funds and more than $3.9 million in state funds scheduled over the next five years. Some projects include a $3.9 million half mile road reconstruction project of South Market Street in 2023; and a more than $5 million road and bridge project on Indiana 59 from U.S. 36 to the north junction with Indiana 236 in 2024.

In Clay County, more than $51.8 million in federal funds and more than $10.9 million in state funds is slated over the next five years. In 2022, a project includes $4.8 million for a superstructure replacement on a bridge on Indiana 59 over Birch Creek. In 2023, $4.9 million for road overlay work on Indiana 59 from Indiana 48 to just south of Indiana 157.

For Sullivan County, more than $33.9 million in federal funds and more than $8.4 million in state funds includes a $2.3 million bridge replacement on Indiana 159 over Branch Spencer Creek, about 6.7 miles south of Indiana 54. This is slated for 2022. There's also more than $4 million for bridge and road construction on Indiana 48 over Kettle Creek, about half mile east of U.S. 41, slated for 2024.

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