Local hovercraft manufacturer Neoteric will be featured in an upcoming episode of "Aaron Needs a Job" on Discovery Channel.

According to information posted on the Neoteric Hovercraft Blog, mechanic Aaron Kaufman and his film crew are at Neoteric this week to film an episode of the new series featuring Kaufman building and flying a hovercraft with Neoteric president Chris Fitzgerald.

Kaufman found fame on the popular series "Fast N Loud" in the Grease Monkey Garage, but left the show more than a year ago. His new series "takes you on a wild ride around the country as he explores exciting motor-driven industries," the blog post said.

The shows producer, Lionsgate's Pilgrim Media Group, chose Neoteric because of Fitzgerald's history with hovercraft as a pioneer in the industry, and because Fitzgerald trains people to operate hovercraft.

The new series premiere's Monday, July 15 at 10 p.m. on Discovery Channel.

The episode featuring Neoteric is tentatively scheduled to air July 26.

The series so far includes visits to NASA, a Colorado coal mine, Nevalda firefighters, the Las Vegas service industry.

Information about the program is posted online at neoterichovercraft.blogspot.com.