The ballot count for the Indiana House District 42 continued to be in question Wednesday as provisional ballots remain to be counted.

Republican Alan Morrison was listed in the lead with a total of 12,783 votes from the district’s six counties of Clay, Fountain, Parke, Vermillion, Vigo and Warren.

Democrat Mark Spelbring received 12,673 votes from the totals corrected as of Wednesday morning. That left a margin of 110 votes.

However, Vigo County still has 80 envelopes containing provisional ballots that remain to be counted or discarded. Each envelope might contain multiple ballots, according to county election officials. Not every one of those ballots will include a vote for District 42, which dips into a portion of eastern Vigo County in the Seelyville area.

And, Clay County still has about 40 ballots to count after electronic difficulties halted the tabulation of votes Tuesday night with just a portion of a precinct remaining.

Counties have until Nov. 16 to certify vote totals.

Spelbring told the Tribune-Star on Wednesday that he was not yet ready to concede the victory to Morrison, and he still thought the race was a toss up.

“We’re trying to see what the final numbers are at this point,” Spelbring said in a phone call from the Parke County Courthouse in Rockville on Wednesday afternoon. He was preparing to travel to the Vermillion County Courthouse to check vote totals there. “The numbers are just bouncing around,” he said.

Messages were left for Morrison requesting comment on the race outcome, but no response was received as of 5 p.m.

Totals listed on the Indiana Secretary of State’s Election Division website had inaccurate vote totals for the District 42 race. The Vigo County vote totals for both candidates were switched.

A phone message requesting comment on the vote totals was not returned by the Election Division on Wednesday afternoon.

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