The results are finally in!!

Inserted in today’s edition of the Tribune-Star, you will find the results of our annual Reader’s Choice voting. This year, the fourth year for the awards, saw an overwhelming response once again!

The survey was published last month in the Tribune-Star and online at The voters designated their favorites for everything from hamburgers to dining, finance, health care, service, sales and a variety of other offerings in the Wabash Valley. We had thousands of responses, and we appreciate the enthusiasm that readers have for their preferences.

After the ballots were published, we spent many hours reviewing and counting votes for the picks of our readers. Fortunately, there were no hanging chads, and even though there were some very close outcomes, we did not have any recounts. Every vote was counted and the winners were determined top among their peers. Much care was used to ensure that votes were tallied correctly.

Even with the big response that we had, this is not a scientific poll; the margin of error is, give or take, about 99.9 percent. The findings are fun, though, and they are the conclusions of our readers who voted.

I know there were several business owners who were reminding their customers to make sure to vote for them during the balloting process. Kind of reminds me of a coach on the sidelines, encouraging his team. This is a competition, after all, though in a friendly, cross-town rivalry kind of way. Based on the number of votes we received, those customers listened.

Several businesses are repeat winners, a testament to their commitment to quality and credibility in the community. Some have won recognition every year since we started the contest!

Winners have been presented with a plaque, proclaiming them to be the reader’s choice in their field or service for 2013. Many “preferred” business owners display the plaque, and some note the recognition on their business signs.

I hope you’ll enjoy looking through the section to see who participating readers chose as their favorites. You can see if their selections match your opinion, whether you cast a ballot or just have a preference in that category.

To our readers who participated, we appreciate you taking the time to submit your choices in each category. It has been a lot of fun for us, too, and I hope you enjoy reading the results of the 2013 Tribune-Star Reader’s Choice awards!

B.J. Riley is the publisher of the Tribune-Star. He can be reached at 812-231-4297 and at

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