A skate park’s future in Terre Haute will be determined by the mayoral administration in office next year, a city official said Wednesday.

The Terre Haute Parks and Recreation Department had planned for a skate park, a structure designed specifically for people to ride and perform skateboard stunts, to be built at Voorhees Park. Plans were being finalized, and funding had been secured for the project.

But then Republican Duke Bennett defeated incumbent Democrat Kevin Burke by 107 votes, based upon unofficial results released by the Vigo County Clerk’s Office on election night.

Bennett’s victory means that a new mayor will be in office when the project is expected to be built.

“Well, I would assume it would be up to the new administration,” Greg Ruark, superintendent of the Parks Department, said of the skate park’s fate.

Officials initially wanted to include the skate park as part of a $4 million capital improvements plan, which also included a new swimming pool to replace the aging neighborhood pools. The plan would’ve needed City Council approval, as a bond requiring additional tax revenue outside of the levy would have funded the measure.

Parks officials then tabled the capital improvements plan after most council members voiced a lack of support for the plan. But the skate park was one aspect that parks authorities wanted to continue.

Now, even that’s not for sure.

The skate park was delayed while the city secured the loan, which will be paid off through a line item in the Parks Department’s budget.

But the money budgeted was a little less than what was needed to cover a first phase of the park, which features two bowl-shaped structures for skaters.

Officials then sought possible volunteers for some work on the skate park to help lower the costs. While they had not received any commitments, they have received some interest, Ruark said.

It then appeared that the park would be created this spring, though Ruark said no contracts have been signed to ensure a date for a groundbreaking.

“You know, I think we were moving forward at a normal pace,” Ruark said. “I just don’t know where everything stands at this point.”

Bennett knows about the project through media reports. He said that he wants “to take a look at the total cost and the timeline and just kind of the overall Parks Department plan” before making a final decision on the project.

“ … I would need to get an update on things before I would make a decision,” Bennett said.

Not every plan is going to be on hold. Some parks workers this week were clearing the path for about a half-mile eastward extension of the National Road Heritage Trail, from Twigg Rest Area to Chamberlain Road.

The project should be completed by the end of the year, depending upon the weather, Ruark said.

“We’re hoping to pave it,” he said of the path. “That’s why we’re dependent upon the weather.”

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