It could be January before a trial occurs for one of the four defendants accused of affinity fraud in the Sullivan County criminal case against the former Alanar investment firm.

Meanwhile, the hearings of other co-defendants set for May 28 were also postponed.

No new trial date has been set for Vaughn Reeves Sr., a former pastor who was arrested last summer along with his three sons and charged with 10 counts of securities fraud, a class-C felony, for allegedly bilking millions of dollars from investors in an elaborate Ponzi scheme built on money intended for church construction projects.

Reeves Sr. had been set to go to trial July 6 in Gibson County, but his attorney filed a motion to continue his case, and Special Judge Dena Martin granted the request. She also granted Reeves’ motion to allow his attorney to hire investigators for his defense.

Vaughn “Chip” Reeves Jr. has also received a continuance for his case, which was set for trial Aug. 31 in Gibson County. The judge indicated that a new jury trial date could be expected for January.

Jonathan “Chris” Reeves is currently set to go to trial Aug. 17 in Martin County. However, a motion to dismiss the case has been filed by his defense attorney, and a hearing on that motion has not yet been conducted.

Joshua Reeves has a jury trial set for July 27 in Daviess County. His attorney has informed the court that he also intends to hire an investigator, and the judge indicated she would likely grant that request, which will likely result in a postponement of his trial as well.

All four men have been held in the Sullivan County Jail since their arrest last year after a lengthy investigation by Sullivan County Prosecutor Bob Hunley and the office of Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita.

Any time that they have spent in jail awaiting trial can be credited to any prison sentence that might be imposed if they are convicted in their cases. A class-C felony is punishable by two to eight years in prison, with an advisory sentence of four years.

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