Board gives nod to Terre Haute convention center changes

Redesign: An artist rendering shows a smaller, two-story garage on the corner of Ninth and Cherry Streets in downtown Terre Haute.Submitted image

The Terre Haute Board of Zoning Appeals on Wednesday approved zoning variances and special uses for a new downtown Terre Haute Convention Center, including plans for a smaller northwest garage.

Aaron C. Hurt, vice president of Civil & Environmental Consultants working with CSO Architects, said the building currently housing state offices at Eighth and Cherry Street will be renovated into a hotel with two additions onto that building at the southwest corner and on east side of the building. A courtyard that extends around the building and connecting Cherry Street and Wabash Avenue.

“The parking garage at the northwest corner will have brick facade but will be a shorter [two-story] garage, but it does have the ability to be expanded in the future,” Hurt said.

Hurt said the smaller, northwest garage “is intended to serve the needs of the hotels, and then the [5-story] northeast garage is public so can serve Clabber Girl needs as well as the convention center,” Hurt said.

The project also required zoning variances on dimensional requirements for the front facade and for an interior and rear yards for a pedestrian area. The east side-yard of the convention center will feature a courtyard with outside seating, improved landscaping and pedestrian amenities.

It required a 3.4-foot variance as it will exceed the 20-foot maximum side-yard width zoning requirement, according to Ryan Wickens with the Vigo County Area Planning Department.

The west side-yard will have a maximum width of 10.8 feet from the property line to the convention center, which required a 5.8-foot variance from zoning requirements.

Construction closure concerns

Ken Campbell, vice president of manufacturing operations at Clabber Girl Corporation, questioned road closures during construction, especially on Ninth Street in front of the baking goods producer.

“We don’t anticipate very many road closures on Ninth Street at all,” Hurt said. “There may be occasional deliveries of panels for the garage. Indiana-American Water re-routed a water line, and that was the main utility conflict that we had on Ninth Street. All of the electrical work is coming from the other direction,” Hurt said.

“I think the closure will be minimal, other than having to rebuilt curbs and sidewalks,” he said.

Hurt said a surface parking area next to the Terminal Building, as well as the Terminal Building and Copper Bar, are untouched for the project.

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