Bids awarded for Terre Haute convention center

Submitted drawingSoon to be: This is an artist’s drawing of the new downtown Terre Haute convention center looking west down Wabash Ave.

Bids have been awarded in 17 different categories of construction for the planned Terre Haute Convention Center.

In all, Garmong Construction Services, serving as the project’s “construction manager as constructor,” divided the project in to 17 areas.

Garmong reviewed bids and presented a guaranteed maximum construction price of $24,633,566, which the Vigo County Capital Improvement Board has approved, contingent on funding from the sale of bonds. The bond sale is expected as early as the end of October.

“The lowest bidder in all but one section was awarded construction contracts,” said Brian Kooistra, chief executive officer of Garmong Construction Services.

One big change was the suspension of kitchen equipment, where three bids ranging from more than $536,000 to a high of more than $624,000 were submitted.

Kooistra said the Nations Group, on behalf of the Capital Improvement Board, “want to wait and get input from the operator, that way the operator is on board” with the required number of kitchen appliances, brands and kitchen materials, he said. “I think they decided to pull that [bid] out to make sure they get the right stuff ordered and that the operator is in agreement with that.”

The Nations Group is to present its request for proposal for an operator of the new convention center to Capital Improvement Board at its next meeting  Sept. 18. The RFP will then be advertised nationally.

Yet before any construction site works starts, Garmong is moving forward “with technical aspects including document preparation for product data, shop drawings and submittals. It is the process that contractors put together to determine the materials they intend on using,” Kooistra said.

“We want to get all the preparatory work done so that when bonds are sold, we are in a position to order materials right away. Our intention is not to really order anything until bonds are sold,” Kooistra said.

While Garmong this month will issue notice to its subcontractors on the work, the clock for when work must begin will not start until bonds are sold, Kooistra said. Construction of the convention center is expected to take 21 months.

Four construction sections had just one bidder, but some were reduced in price as a result of a second parking garaged slated to be built and owned by Terre Haute Hotel Partners LLC. Tim Dora is the managing partner of the hotel group.

Single bidders include:

• Dennis Trucking for site work, with a final contract award of $2,628,463, down from an original base bid of $2,719,963. A snow melt system was removed and concrete replaced pavers, reducing the scope and cost of work.

• CH Garmong & Son/Garmong Construction Services for general trades, with a final contract award of $4,295,840, down from an original base bid of $4,351,300. This is lower due to the removal of a steel green screen wall with plants. Garmong, serving as construction manager as constructor, is allowed under state law to perform up to 20 percent of the construction work on the project.

• Baken & Van Buskirk for glass and glazing work with a final contract award of $1,612,575, down from an original bid of $1,774,770 as removal of sun control devices, glazing requirements and using standard glass pattern instead of skyline glass lowered costs.

• Kone final contract of $460,000 for elevators, down from $615,000 with removal of one parking garage.

In bids with multiple bidders the only low bid not awarded was in electrical. The low bid, from NRK, “was found to be non-responsive,” Kooistra said on the bid specifications. In that category, Sycamore Engineering, which had the second lowest of five bids, was awarded a contract of $1,625,000.

Other bids, to the lowest bidders, are:

• Coreslab Structures with final contract award of $4,158,000 for precast concrete, down from $4,218,000 due to precast panel revisions.

• Otto Baum Co. final contract award of $817,270 for masonry, down from $848,450 with removal of thermal break masonry ties.

• Metal structural and miscellaneous went to Structural Steel Services at $1,473,900.

• Roofing went to B&L Sheet Metal & Roofing at $580,000.

• Metal panels and siding contract went to Spohn & Associates for $229,315.

• Metal studs, drywall, ceilings and exterior insulation and finish system contract went to Strode Construction at $1,199,900.

• Flooring, soft goods contract went to Jack Laurie Flooring at $197,500.

• Flooring, hard goods contract went to Midwest Terrazzo at $287,085.

• Paint and wall coverings contract went to SDR Coating Inc at $189,721.

• Fire protection contract went to Geyer Fire Protection at $181,558.

• Plumbing and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) went to B&S Plumbing at $1,360,866, down from $1,375,000 after deletion of snow melt system.

“There are so many moving pieces and extensive work to pull together all elements – property acquisitions, estimates, partners, community leaders – everyone has to be moving in the same direction to accomplish a project of this importance and magnitude,” Steve Bauer, vice president of construction services at Nations Group, said in a statement.

“Being able to do all of that within the original scope and budget is a win for Vigo County,” Bauer said.

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