Be advised: There are building restrictions near airport

Photo courtesy THRA Fly zone: Terre Haute Regional Airport has the fourth-longest runway in Indiana. 

Protecting the approaches and the viability of Terre Haute Regional Airport is part of a new Airport Gateway Strategic Plan, formerly known as the Corridor 46 plan.

And with a new Vigo County Geographic Information System department established, Airport Director Jeff Hauser hopes to relay information to both the county and city of Terre Haute to educate potential developers of federal airport requirements.

“We are trying to take in the whole east side with the growth factor,” Hauser said. “The reason the airport got involved is because it is starting to grow so fast [along the Indiana 46 corridor] that there are a lot of things that might impede our runways, and we want to make sure we stay on top of everything that is going on so we don’t have anything that interferes with any of our runways or some of the noise restrictions that we have.”

The airport in November hired consultant Newhouse & Associates to work on a strategic plan for the airport, which includes protecting the airport’s greatest asset — Indiana’s fourth-longest runway. The airport’s primary runway — Runway 5-23 — is 9,020 feet long.

Hauser said the airport works with the city and county when something is to be built within five miles of the airport.

“Sometimes that has been a little bit difficult, just because of all the different check list items you have to go through, sometimes things get missed,” Hauser said. “We are going to get a map together that shows how far out and how high and what kind of structures can be built and will get that out to both city and county.

“And also, we want to put that on our website as well so if any builders have any questions they can actually go to our web site, see a map and will list requirements and builders can call us if any questions,” Hauser said.

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