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Fourth-graders continue to reap benefits from many opportunities to enhance learning. A representative from the Mental Health Association presented the “Too Good for Drugs” program, which encouraged goal setting and informed students of the dangers of smoking and drug and alcohol abuse. A Red Cross representative conducted sessions required to complete the “Basic Aid Training.” This included the effective use of communication skills, decision-making skills and actual practice of basic first aid.

The students in both classes applied their reading and writing skills as they researched topics using at least three sources. Using an outline form, they summarized the main points they wanted to report. Next, with the help of Mrs. Herald, our media specialist, they created PowerPoint presentations. Each class shared their knowledge gained with the other fourth-grade class. Mrs. Fenoglio’s class reported on presidents while Mrs. Jones’ class selected animals.

Twelve students in Mrs. Fenoglio’s class took part in the St. Jude Math-A-Thon and raised a whopping $745. Those participating were Chalen Chambers, Emily Olinger, Alec Blair, Delanee Lindsay, John Porter, Cody Elkins, Jayden Bailey, Madison Stuck, Keisha Spillers, Kyle Hackett, Miranda Mann and Zack LeBrun. Jayden raised the most money by collecting $160. Hats off to these students for a job well done!

Chalen Chambers, a fourth-grader in Mrs. Fenoglio’s class, represented Consolidated in the Regional Spelling Bee on March 17. He made us proud by placing fifth out of nearly 50 contestants. He did a super job! Much hard work went into the preparation for this event.

All fourth-graders were a part of the 123 students in third through fifth grades that presented the musical “Project: Peace.” Mrs. Tener-Smith, our counselor, was awarded a grant from the Vigo County Education Foundation requesting the rights for this production. Under the direction of Mrs. Diana Aselage, our music teacher, the students performed this class act with a strong message about building a more tolerant world. The fifth-graders did an awesome job of portraying the speaking parts. The talents of Danielle Gardocki and Morgan Keith shone as they sang “On Common Ground.” All students filled the stage with song and dance from the heart. The seven upbeat, musical selections illustrated what it takes to achieve peace and what each of us can do to help.

We also are fortunate to travel this spring for additional learning experiences. We will attend a Terre Haute Symphony concert on Thursday. It will focus on the history of Ellis Island, the privilege of living in America, the cost and joy of freedom, learning about one’s own personal heritage and that of one’s own community. This will be accomplished via Peter Boyer’s spectacular work – “Ellis Island: The Dream of America,” which was recently nominated for a Grammy. We appreciate the generosity of the McCarthy Foundation, Terre Haute Savings Bank and the Clara Fairbanks Foundation for covering the expense of this event. On April 25, our school has been invited to the ISU Arena for a Field Day. The Organization for Students in Physical Education have invited Mr. Rohrbach, our physical education teacher, to bring his fourth- and fifth-grade classes to work at specific stations for the afternoon. The fourth-graders final trip will be on May 16. They will travel to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as guests of the 500 Festival and Indianapolis Education Program. This trip is the culmination of many in-class lessons on the Indy 500 and its place in Indiana’s rich history.

Involvement of community, implementation of our own talents and responsibilities, and coordination of field experiences provide an exciting learning atmosphere!

— School staff

Davis Park

The 40th annual Student Art Exhibition is coming to the Swope Art Museum. The opening reception was Saturday. Our fifth-grade students Drew Dransfield, Lane Dransfield, Tyrone Forsythe, David Helton, Jessica Joy and Lileni Lopez have fantastic artwork on display this year. Mrs. Henry’s, Mrs. Higham’s and Mrs. Speth’s fifth-grade classes will see the exhibition and well as tour the museum on April 25, during their annual field trip to the Swope. Everyone is invited to visit the Swope Museum before the show ends May 12.

Everyone needs to mark your calendars! Davis Park School has several exciting events planned before the end of the school year.

Thursday – Fourth and fifth grades visit Terre Haute Symphony, 9:30 a.m.

April 25 – Fifth grade Swope Art Museum field trip

April 30 - May 4 — Book Fair in the library media center, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.; on May 4, 8:30 a.m. to noon.

May 23 – Field Day

May 29 – Fifth grade Farewell Program

May 30 – Field Day (rain date)

— Pauletta J. Allen, art teacher


On March 21, Mrs. Pamela Malone Gresham, one of Deming’s outstanding classroom teachers, was asked to be a panelist for Alumni Mentor Day at Indiana State University.

The day began with a breakfast meeting that included many leaders and scholars from their respective fields of study. Mrs. Gresham, along with Mr. Ron Ward, a principal at Tri-West Middle School, and Ms. Donna Pope-Green, a health and physical education teacher and coach from Warren Township School, conducted several panel discussions in various classrooms in the School of Education as well as hosting an open forum for all students.

Each panelist gave a small introduction and completed the statement, “What I want you to know is … .” The college students were then given time to ask questions about education and the “real world” of being an educator.

Mrs. Gresham was grateful for the opportunity to represent her profession and her Deming colleagues as she reflected about her experiences.

Mrs. Mardis and the Deming staff are very proud of Mrs. Gresham for being selected to represent educators, the Vigo County School Corp. and Deming School.

The Deming Media Center is indeed a hub of activity this month. The center hosted a Community Reads Day on Friday, featuring readers from Deming’s historical past. Deming alumni included Camilla Correll, VCSC director of elementary education; Terre Haute Police Chief George Ralston; and mail carrier Keith McElroy. Retired VCSC teacher Saundra Newsome graciously volunteered to read to our students, as did Vicki Certain, a retired Deming teacher. The reading event was sponsored by a grant under the direction of Kathryn Bauserman, ISU assistant professor, and ISU intern Heather Brakel. Mrs. Cheryl Soules, Deming media specialist, served as coordinator.

This event is the catalyst of Deming’s Celebration of its 100th School Year. On April 25, students, teachers, alumni and numerous special guests will gather to recognize that centennial milestone in Deming’s proud history. A community program in the school gym commencing at 1 p.m. will include performances by the Deming Stars Choir and the Deming Stars Strings. The well-known favorite song “School Days” will evoke memories of the school’s distant past, while the song “I’m Gonna’ Float My Boat Right Back to Terre Haute” and “The Deming School Song” will be sung to help celebrate the importance of Deming and its prominent and established place in our fine city. Invited speakers from the VCSC, the city of Terre Haute, Deming alumni and friends of Deming will serve as guest speakers for this celebration. A representative of The Educational Heritage Association Inc. of Vigo County will present a monetary gift to a representative from the Vigo County Education Foundation in honor of former Deming principal Alice Dempsey. A reception will follow the program from 3 to 6 p.m. in the school cafeteria. During that time, guests will be able to tour the building, meet and greet old and new friends, view Deming memorabilia, and enjoy special music provided by The Terre Haute North Vigo Jazz Ensemble. We look forward to a wonderful time celebrating the rich history of Deming School!

— School staff


The writing procedure is a creative process. Writing is developed by including rich vocabulary and imaginative ideas into stories. The fifth-grade students at DeVaney Elementary have enhanced their writing skills by writing narrative and persuasive stories. The students also have worked on letter writing. They have written a letter a week to a member of the staff at DeVaney. These types of writing have helped the students improve their punctuation, capitalization, spelling and sentence structure. Research is another type of writing. The students have had to learn how to organize a research paper. They have written a research paper on one of the 50 states. The writing process is one important part of the curriculum.

PowerPoint is a form of technology that has benefited students. The students are preparing a slide show about historical figures by using PowerPoint. In order to complete the assignment, the students have to research their historical figure. Then the information will be put into a slide show. The slide show will be presented to parents on Friday.

Literature circles have been integrated into our classroom. The students are responsible for reading a chapter book. They are either required to read “Bunnicula” or “Bridge to Terebithia.” During the literature circles, they report about what they have read. The students also are learning interesting vocabulary within the literature content. Literature circles are a great way to incorporate book talks with chapter books.

Lifelong skills are taught through the mini-economy in our classroom. Students are learning how to manage their money. They must pay bills. The students have jobs in the classroom to earn money. We have a store every week containing useful items. The students enjoy learning how the economy works. The reason we have the mini-economy in the classroom is to prepare the students for the future.

— Dianna Pruner

Dixie Bee

The first-grade classes at Dixie Bee are having a very busy spring. They enjoyed seeing the stage play of one of their favorite book series, “Henry and Mudge,” on Thursday in the Indiana Theatre. They loved seeing the characters from the book come to life. The students will next travel on May 2 to have a hands-on science day with some of the students from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. They can’t wait to learn more about science!

Parents will be invited for Mother’s Day Authors’ Teas in May to hear the books that the students wrote this year for the Literacy Fair. Poetry recitals and performances will be presented on that day to the parents, as well as getting to meet the “authors.”

Meeting with the students’ pen pals from Riley Elementary will be another exciting trip at Fowler Park and touring the Pioneer Village with Mr. Ruble from the Vigo County Parks Department. The students can’t wait to meet the people they have been writing to this year.

The last major activity of the year will be the Dixie Bee Mini-Olympics when all the students compete in several sporting activities, including class relays and tug-of-war. What a fun way to end the school year.

— School staff

Farrington Grove

On March 22, students from Farrington Grove’s ESL population hosted a family night. The students and ESL staff worked hard on preparing plays and poems in English as well as some beautiful scenery. After the performances, the students and parents participated in Everyday Math card and computer games. Refreshments were served and parents had the opportunity to talk with the staff. It was a great night!

The third-grade teachers applied for a grant from the Education Foundation in fall 2006. The grant covered the cost of books and snacks for 15 children in the fall and spring. Students in Book Club read and discuss books in a fun and informal way. We are in the middle of Spring Book Club right now. Students have read “Horrible Harry and the Goog” and “A to Z Mysteries: Detective Camp.” They will finish by reading “Geronimo Stilton’s Down and Out and Under.” We hope to continue the program in the 2007-08 school year.

The third-grade students will enjoy two fantastic field trips in April. The first one will be an all-day trip to the largest children’s museum in the United States — in Indianapolis. This trip will be the culmination of our social studies units on communities, cultures around the world, and transportation.

The second trip will be to the Super Science Show at Eli Lilly’s Clinton Laboratories to meet with their chemists and technicians to learn more about science. The children are looking forward to both of these trips.

— Third-grade teachers Renee Azar, Kirsten Henry and Gloria Wilson


The fourth-grade students have been studying simple machines in science class. Mrs. Harris teaches the science classes for the Fayette fourth-grade students.

After learning about simple machines, each student in the two classes developed a machine that took the place of a common household or school chore. The students gave their machines descriptive names and wrote an exciting advertisement about its abilities to make life easier.

Each machine was demonstrated and an oral presentation was given that showed the student’s knowledge of the abilities of their simple machine.

The students selected one of the six simple machine types: wheel and axle, screw, pulley, inclined plane, wedge and lever.

Davie Inman’s invention used two simple machines, the lever and the wheel and axle to invent a new kind of nutcracker.

Lynzi Sellers’ invention used the inclined plane to make the “The Water Rush 8000.” This machine poured water into a small container without spilling the water.

Sophie Owens, using the simple machine, the pulley, developed “The Easiest Thing in Life.” This machine helps you pull up your bedcovers. The machine has a clip that attaches to the bedcovers and when the crank is turned the bedcovers are pulled up.

The completed inventions were displayed in the hallway so that all the students at Fayette had an opportunity to see them. It was interesting to view the creative machines the fourth-graders had made.

— Sally Carpenter


On Thursday, the third-graders from Mrs. Fuhrer’s class and their “Friends for Life” from Meadows Manor North Nursing Home met at Honey Creek Mall to spend time together having lunch and window shopping. Blondie’s Cookie Store gave us a delicious treat of their wonderful cookies for our dessert.

In May, we will meet our “Friends” at Meadows Manor North for an outdoor picnic and games day. This will end the “Friends for Life” program that Mrs. Klotz, reading teacher at Fuqua, began many years ago. She saw a need to have young children and older adults become friends and appreciate likenesses and differences in each other. Mrs. Klotz invited Mrs. Fuhrer’s class to participate in this worthwhile program.

As Mrs. Klotz retires, we will miss her and her special program.

— M.H. Fuhrer

Lost Creek

Lost Creek Elementary is proud to announce that we have been accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement! Our school has worked hard on our goals of math problem solving, writing applications and respect.

We also would like to congratulate Mrs. Sheila Conder, our Excellence in Education recipient and Mrs. Carole Williams, who received the IRA Excellence in Reading Award. We are so proud of these outstanding educators.

Lost Creek’s Spring Social is 5 to 8 p.m. on Friday. We have many events planned including dinner, games and a raffle. We hope the community can join us for a fun evening.

Congratulations to the following students who were nominated for the Student of the Month character trait of “Determination.”

First-graders: Baylee Morris, Emily Zimmerman, C.J. Murray, Tom Ahmed, Erica West and Luc LeBrun.

Second-graders: Grant Dennany, Jamey McCracken, Gabrielle Yeager, Tyler Leach, Kaeli Rodriguez and Jacob Willyard.

Third-graders: Jordynne Shelton, Briana Keilly, Carly New, Katherine Davies and John Jennings.

Fourth-graders: Savannah Conder, Jodie Pilkington, Whitney Smith and Jacob Fox.

Fifth-graders: Kathryn Ruark, Wyatt Stoelting, Josie Hennessey and Garrett Humphrey.

Our overall school winner is John Jennings!

— School staff

Rio Grande

There are many organizations and individuals who support learning and education in our community. Rio Grande students, as well as many other children in our county, reap the benefits of the efforts and dedication of the people involved in these projects.

The Vigo County Public Library staff, along with the Friends of the Library, provides one such experience to students in the Vigo County Public School Corp. The library staff provides free tours of library facilities and is eager to share the resources available to students. The Friends of the Library support these field trips by funding the transportation costs involved in getting the students to and from the library. Thanks to these groups for making it possible for students to enjoy a free, educational learning experience.

All second-grade students at Rio Grande will learn about people and businesses in our community through a series of programs presented by volunteers from the Junior Achievement of the Wabash Valley Inc. An adult volunteer will visit each classroom once a week for five weeks to present informative, fun, hands-on lessons to the students.

The second-grade students will learn the difference between unit production and assembly line production, experience paying taxes from their paychecks, learn what types of services local taxes support, participate in a mock election, and learn how money circulates through a community.

Rio Grande teachers and students want to especially recognize and thank the Junior Achievement volunteers who spent much time and effort preparing and presenting the great lessons for us. They include Suzie Thorlton from Clabber Girl, Dave Baker from Crossroads Communications and Peggy Wesley from Roselawn Cemetery. We also would like to thank our own Rio Grande PTO for contributing to the funding of this valuable program.

Many people not generally associated with classroom education are strong supporters of education through the sharing of time, money and knowledge. We have a rich collection of resources to draw from in our community and they are greatly appreciated.

— Mrs. Terry

St. Patrick’s

The third-graders have been busy since the beginning of the year. In the fall, they toured the campus of St. Mary-of-the-Woods College where they learned about alpacas and visited the shrine of our first Indiana saint, St. Mother Theodore Guerin.

They recently finished studying about the earth’s resources and had two guest speakers, Mr. Ryan Cummins from the Apple House and professor Tony Rathburn from Indiana State University, come to talk to them.

Students in Mrs. Mikalowsky’s class have been corresponding with pen pals who live in Syracuse, N.Y. They are excited every time they get letters, so they can learn what is going on in another Catholic school “across the miles.” They are looking forward to their field trip in May to the Indiana State Museum and the Brickyard in Indianapolis.

— Mrs. Mikalowsky

More than 180 Vigo County students ages 5 to 18 submitted artwork for the St. Mother Theodore Guerin Youth Art Contest (sponsored by the Sisters of Providence). Three winners were chosen out of each age division. St. Patrick School had four winners in the contest. Tori Fagg won third place for the 5 to 7 age division. Nathan Harpeneau won first place for the 8 to 10 age division. Allison Payonk won third place for the age 8 to 10 division. Hailey Chrzanowski won third place for the 11 to 13 age division. Each winner and their family attended a recent reception in St. Mary-of-the-Woods College. Each winner received a monetary prize, gift certificate and tickets to the Indiana State Museum (where St. Mother Theodore Guerin’s artifacts are currently on display). The winners’ artwork will be on display in Providence Center for two months. Congratulations to these winners!

All the St. Patrick’s artwork submitted was very touching and well done. The students put a lot of hard work into their rendition of St. Mother Theodore Guerin. Each participant will receive a certificate. We are very proud of all our artists here at St. Patrick School!

— School office

Sugar Grove

The Mayor’s Character Award trait for March was “sensitivity.” Students nominated for this award include Devin Mullen, Dalton Schell, Abbrianna Brown, Isaac Harper, Matthew Stamper, Abby Worthington, Jarrett Mattox, Elyse Babb, Azariah Lewis, Shanice Wynn, Laphajia Appleton, ZeCaleb Lyle, Courtney Price, Kevin Skaggs, Morgan Shingleton, Maciej Tomaszewski, Ian Newton and Selena Richardson. Ian Newton represented Sugar Grove at the Terre Haute City Council meeting on Thursday.

Thanks to Tristen Carrithers for representing Sugar Grove at the Wabash Valley Spelling Bee in Sarah Scott Middle School on March 17. Tristen spelled three words correctly before missing the word “cummerbund” by spelling it “cumberbund.”

We had a wonderful turnout for the Literacy Fair in The Meadows shopping center on March 17. Each student who attended received a book and a tattoo. They also entered a drawing for a gift certificate from a local bookstore. Sarah Griffin from Mrs. Youngblood’s third-grade class won the certificate.

We also had a drawing from the names of students who had books on display and Kyle Switzer was chosen to represent Sugar Grove at the International Reading Association Literacy Celebration scheduled Thursday. Kyle is a fifth-grade student in Ms. Gosnell’s class. Also, every student who attended got their picture taken with their family and those were displayed in the hallway outside Sugar Grove’s media center for everyone to see. The students got to take their pictures home after they were displayed for two weeks.

Thanks to the mathletes who represented Sugar Grove at the extremely challenging Math Contest in Honey Creek Middle School on March 17. They earned 10 trophies! Those students were Riley Bryan (2), Seth Boland (4), Tristen Carrithers (5), Sam Gehman (8), Lacey Humphrey (13), Jacob Johnson (9), Nathan Lloyd and Lauren McGuire (12), Samantha Morlan and Ian Newton (10), Katlyn Powers (14) and Brandon Sakbun and Elizabeth Weber (12). A big thanks also goes to Mrs. Scamihorn and Mrs. Webster for working with the Math Club members. Every student learned a lot!

The No Bullies Club members received T-shirts and ate lunch outdoors as a special March activity. In April, they will have a treasure hunt and in May they go to a movie. Lessons about being caring and sensitive to the feelings of others are presented at each meeting. Club members have filled shoe boxes with toiletries and toys for Council on Domestic Abuse and they have made Christmas ornaments for Southwood Nursing Home residents. No Bullies Club members are second- through fifth-graders who display good conduct and are caring toward others. The sponsors are Mrs. Trench, Mrs. Tyler, Ms. Fields and Mrs. Edler. The club is funded by a VCSC Student Assistance Grant.

— Mrs. Fuller and Mrs. Knierim

Terre Town

Terre Town Elementary would like to congratulate the following Outstanding Citizens for February: Jaron Hamblen, Allison Sherrill, Doug Allsup, Tanner Shipman, Bayleigh Hanrahan, Maddie Burchell, Madison Doan, Brandon Brenton, Kaylee Stafford, Jami Archer, Olivia Glover, Sierra Sawtelle, Emily Thornton, Breana Jackson, Jacan Staggs, Elynna Perry, Matthew Edwards, De Andre Perry, Callie Wilson, Kelsey Dwyer, Nick Williams, Nina Romine, Taylor Johnson, Tabitha Sheese, Zoe Rader, Jacob Carlson, Camryn Scott, Maycee Elkins, Brandon Payne, Kameron Johnston, Jacob Fennell, Parker Thompson, Max Burchell, Macee Kuhn, Marc Bland, Renee Louche and Keirstin Manley.

— School staff

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