A dozen local nonprofits to get high-end training

Submitted photoMeeting: Representatives of local nonprofit organizations interact during a meeting about a new initiative by the Wabash Valley Community Foundation and the Network for Good to offer the Jumpstart Fundraising Program. The program which will provide a dozen local nonprofits with high-end training and enable them to boost their fundraising effectiveness while decreasing costs.

The Wabash Valley Community Foundation has announced a partnership with Network for Good to offer the Jumpstart Fundraising Program, which will provide a dozen local nonprofits with high-end training.

The 12-month program will provide those organizations with specific tools and coaching to help take them to the next level of financial stability, the Community Foundation said in a news release.

Jumpstart Fundraising is a unique, investment-like program that enables grantees that meet eligibility criteria to increase their fundraising outcomes while decreasing costs.

Typically, after one year of committed fundraising while implementing skills learned in the program, participants see an average increase of 34% more money while building their organizational capacity.

Twenty nonprofit organizations were identified and invited to participate in a brief needs assessment, the foundation said in its news release. Seventeen were deemed “program ready” based on their responses to the assessment.

These organizations were then invited to attend a session to learn how the program works and how to apply for a grant from the Community Foundation to participate free of cost.

After a competitive selection process, 12 organizations were selected. They are Camp Navigate; Council on Domestic Abuse (CODA); Happiness Bag; Mental Health America Vigo County; Next Step; REACH Services; Sheldon Swope Art Museum; Susie’s Place; Team of Mercy; Terre Haute Humane Society; Terre Haute Symphony Association; YMCA of the Wabash Valley.

The program itself costs $10,400 per nonprofit organization.

Through Network for Good, the Community Foundation was able to secure a $1-for-$1 matching grant to deliver the program to the selected nonprofits.

This enables the Community Foundation to inject nearly $125,000 worth of targeted, technical fundraising assistance to local grantees with an investment of $62,400 from the foundation’s unrestricted endowment funds.

“Transforming our nonprofits’ financial sustainability cannot be achieved in one year, nor through a single grant,” said Kelli Miller, program director for the Community Foundation. “To create the lasting impact our donors, boards and committees envision, we must ensure our local nonprofit organizations are financially resilient, with the capacity to deliver services and sustain impact, year after year.”

“A strong non-profit community is critical to the Community Foundation’s ability to steward its donors’ charitable funds to where they can have the most impact,” said Sally Zuel, chair for the Wabash Valley Community Foundation’s distribution committee.

“The funding for this program was reserved from unrestricted grant funding over these past two years while research took place to identify a meaningful, capacity-building program for which our grantees expressed both need and interest,” Zuel said.

“Network for Good’s Jumpstart Program is a wonderful opportunity for non-profits in the Wabash Valley,” said Anne Stamper of the Terre Haute Humane Society. “This Program will make such a difference for those [of us] lucky enough to be selected!”

For more information on the Wabash Valley Community Foundation, call 812-232-2234 or visit www.wvcf.org

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