Christina Hale

Christina Hale

Nearly three years after running alongside John Gregg as the Democratic Party's lieutenant governor candidate, Christina Hale announced today that she's running for Indiana's District 5 congressional seat.

The former Indiana House rep from Indianapolis made the announcement through social media.

Republican Susan Brooks currently holds the District 5 seat, but announced last month that she wouldn't seek reelection to that post.

In announcing her candidacy, Hale said, "Like you, I’m tired of the endless chaos we see in Washington. Even the little kids I talk with know it’s a mess. I’m running because, to me, Congress shouldn’t be a social club for the well-connected, or about scoring political points. People want their representatives to represent — that is, not only to understand but feel the challenges they face."

Hale served two terms in the Indiana House, representing the District 87. The 44-year-old Purdue University graduate and Gregg, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, drew almost 46 percent of the vote in their 2016 loss to Republicans Eric Holcomb and Suzanne Crouch.

Brooks, one of just 13 Republican women in the U.S. House, served four terms in the District 5 seat.