The Tribune-Star asked Terre Haute residents what their thoughts were on Mayor Kevin Burke and what grade they would give him. Below are their answers.

“He gets a ‘F,’ because he’s just a ‘flunky for the ‘old money’ of Terre Haute.”

— Joe Lowery of Terre Haute

“I’d give him a ‘C,’ I don’t think he’s done much so far.”

— Don Long of Terre Haute

“I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt because he’s done about as good as any previous mayor, but he hasn’t separated himself from the rest of the pack.”

— Robbin Reid of Terre Haute

“I give him a ‘B.’ I think he’s trying to change the image of Terre Haute.”

— Beth Roberts of Terre Haute

“I give him a ‘C.’ He’s trying to get more business and improvements. He could do better on street repairs.”

— Toni Belaschky of Terre Haute

“He gets an ‘F.’ I haven’t seen anything done. I think he’s more concerned about his own image.”

— Todd James of Terre Haute

“I think he is trying too hard to satisfy too many people, in the process he’s forgetting the little people. I like what he’s done for downtown Terre Haute.”

— Marvel Townsend, who worked on Burke’s campaign

“He’s done some positive things; overall I feel pretty good about him being mayor.”

— Ginny Rundel of Terre Haute

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