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Students in the Vigo County School Corp. will not pay for breakfast or lunch until Dec. 31 and will be refunded for all meals purchased so far this year, thanks to the corporation enrolling in the Summer Food Service program.

The program was recently extended by the USDA.

“If your student has never tried our breakfast, this is a great time to start,” said Tom Lentes, director of food services. “We are grateful to this USDA program and encourage all students — even those learning from home — to take advantage of these free meals.”

Meals purchased after Aug. 18 will be credited back to the child’s account. The district started the program today, and reimbursement retroactive to Aug. 18 will take several weeks as VCSC Food Services works with their software vendor to reconcile the charges.

Meals are available for students learning from home — traditional students on their remote learning day, and fully-at-home hybrid or virtual students — by calling the school and speaking to the kitchen manager.

Those who qualify for free/reduced lunch are still encouraged to go to and complete an application, so that they can receive textbook fee assistance and are enrolled in the program when the USDA program ends on Dec. 31.

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