Hamilton Center Inc. has named Hans Eilbracht chief of information technology at the corporate office at 620 Eighth Ave. in Terre Haute.

Eilbracht graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a masters in business administration degree in 2007.

Working in information technology for many years, Eilbracht has amassed significant experience in HIPAA standards, network security and strategic planning.

As project manager, Eilbracht successfully implemented upgrades for corporate networks, overseen software transitions and maintenance of hardware.

Eilbracht’s role with Hamilton Center will be to oversee information technology initiatives in central and west central Indiana.


Hamilton Center Inc. recently added therapist Barbara Angus to Addiction Services at 66 Wabash Court in Terre Haute.

Angus graduated from the University of Illinois, Champaign Urbana, in 2018 with a master of social work. Since 2012 she has served individuals struggling with addiction.

In addition, she has also spent time working with individuals involved in the court system, collaborating with community agencies to reduce stigma surrounding mental illness and working with the child and youth population.

Her clinical interests are in integrated behavioral health care as it relates to addiction, trauma informed care, motivational interviewing and dialectal behavioral therapy, mindfulness and how that relates to recovery and 12 step programming.


Rockville Correctional Facility and warden Julie Stout recently announced the promotion of Robert Ruark to the rank of correctional lieutenant.

Ruark joined the Indiana Department of Correction in 2012 as a correctional officer and quickly proved himself capable of working nearly any facility post and served as an information resource for his peers.

In 2016 he earned a promotion to correctional sergeant and continues to build skills and knowledge he gladly shares with the correctional staff he supervises.

A correctional lieutenant supervises several correctional sergeants, dozens of correctional officers and upwards of one thousand offenders while interacting with various other facility departments, ensuring the safety and security of staff, offenders, and the community at large.

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