Consequences of forgetting an appointment

To begin with, some appointments actually are optional. We really do not have to go to them. “I will be at the Honey Creek Mall this afternoon. Join me at 4 in the food court if you can.” These pseudo appointments need not be kept, or, at least, we will not be in trouble if we forget them.

Some appointments are real but we still are forgiven if we forget them. For example, sometimes a group of friends agree to do something together, such as go to a movie or share a meal at a local restaurant. If we forget to keep this appointment, those who keep the appointment will not mind because they can socialize with each other.

Hard as it is to imagine, some people may not be eager to keep an appointment with us. When we miss such appointments, the other party may regard it as a blessing. Indeed, they will feel grateful to us for not showing up (thereby improving our relationship with them)!

As mentioned above and as most of us know, some missed appointments get us into a lot of trouble. Promotions denied and jobs have been lost because of forgetting to keep an appointment with a boss or a customer. Also, some people are very sensitive when their significant other forgets an appointment with them (I have done firsthand research on this topic, so I know this to be true). Missed appointments elicit disrespect, hurt feelings, irritation, anger and sometimes worse from those whom were to be met.

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