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The Indiana General Assembly is well on its way to adopting new state legislative and U.S. congressional district maps. In doing so, it will reinforce the Republican Party's dominance in state politics for another 10 years.

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This week, Indiana lawmakers will very likely approve legislative maps for Congress and those for the Indiana House and Senate. Critics say the maps were not drawn to create competitive races, but instead, the districts were gerrymandered for Republicans to keep their overwhelming majorities in the legislature. I will have to respectfully disagree with my friends and colleagues.

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Some of the lesser known of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources properties are the Wetland Conversation areas. They are scattered across the state with most, as can be expected, in the northern one third of Indiana where most of our Hoosier wetlands are located.

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For months, the federal government and many state and local governments have worked tirelessly to educate the public about the safety, effectiveness and free availability of the COVID-19 vaccines. Still, tens of millions ignore the science and the facts.

Everyone has a story to share about Sept. 11, 2001. Most people can remember precisely where they were when they heard a plane had struck the first of the World Trade Center towers in New York City. Those same people can also remember the moment they realized it wasn’t simply a plane mishap. As TV screens showed a plane strike the second twin tower, we knew immediately the U.S. was under attack.

I have been in the educational world for a long time. My professional years number 44, and, if you count the years as a student, tack on another 20. I have seen many styles of teaching and many paths to learning

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