INDIANA — A recently released audit by the Indiana State Board of Accounts found that former Georgetown Police Chief Dennis Kunkel failed to deposit more than $8,000 in tow-in fees, which could put him on the hook for double that amount.

The report filed May 8 shows that between 2015 and 2019, Kunkel accepted $8,435 for tow-in fees, which he did not properly deposit with the town clerk treasurer. Kunkel resigned in late April the same week two misdemeanors and a level 6 felony were filed against him related to the missing funds. He had been placed on paid administrative leave Sept. 11 when the investigation by Indiana State Police began.

The State Board of Accounts’ findings include that weaknesses within the town allowed for the funds to not be deposited.

“Internal control weaknesses existed that allowed for tow-in fees to be collected by Kunkel and not deposited,” according to the report. “The Town did not follow their Ordinance by remitting the tow-in fee to the Clerk-Treasurer. The lack of oversight regarding Town Ordinances allowed the Police Department to assess and collect a fee for every vehicle towed.

“Internal control deficiencies over receipts existed in the Police Department. The local towing company did not receive receipts for their remittance of tow-in fees to the Town. Additionally, all Police Department receipts were reviewed and were properly written and remitted to the Clerk-Treasurer with the exception of the tow-in fees. Without proper oversight, Kunkel was able to collect money from the local towing company and not deposit it without detection.”

The board has requested Kunkel repay the $8,435, as well as $8,089 for the special investigation, for a total of $16,514. He appeared for an initial hearing Friday where new dates were set.

Kunkel has a pretrial conference set for June 11 at 9 a.m. in Floyd County Superior Court No. 1.

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