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A cursory review of the history of public education in America reveals that there have been many ways to group students by age groups and grade levels. Of course, in the first era of public schools, one-room schoolhouses were pretty much standard. Kids from 5 to 18 (or more) years of age shared a single classroom.

I’ve always believed that if you’re going to preach tolerance to others, you should remember it’s a two-way street with multiple lanes. That lesson was apparently lost of some of the organizers and supporters of last weekend’s Indy Pride march in downtown Indianapolis.

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Rhubarb is an odd sort of produce. It is technically a vegetable, but much of the time it gets lumped in with fruit in a dessert-type recipe, and that’s OK. It has a sour taste, but as it ripens it turns from green to bright reddish/pink. The pinker it gets, the sweeter it becomes. Even then, people tend to dump a truckload of sugar in with it to make it more palatable, and that is when it becomes a problem.