The Vigo County Soil and Water Conservation District and the USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service will host a Local Work Group meeting on Sept. 19 at the USDA Service Center, located in Honey Creek West, at 3241 S. 3rd Place. This meeting is open to the public who are interested in conservation in Vigo County. The meeting will begin at 9 a.m. Guests are encouraged to provide input on the wide range of natural resource and agricultural concerns within the scope of State outlined resource priorities.

The 2014 Farm Bill designated the Local Working Groups as subcommittees of the State Technical Committee. Information discussed and gathered at this meeting will help maintain the highest quality technical assistance and serve as an advisory committee that may be utilized by USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service with future conservation dollars.

For more information please contact the NRCS office at 812-232-0193 extension 3. 

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