There’s been a recent launch of a free website called “Enslaved: Peoples of the Historic Slave Trade” at that was designed to help people to “explore or reconstruct the lives of individuals who were enslaved, owned slaves, or participated in the historical trade.” 

So far, it is able to pull together 857,398 records from several distinct databases of the slave trade into a single search result of interconnected persons, places, events and sources related to the search. 

According to Smithsonian Magazine, the site “seeks to streamline the research process by placing dozens of complex datasets in conversation with each other.

If, for instance, a user searches for a woman whose transport to the Americas is documented in one database but whose later life is recorded in another, the portal can connect these details and synthesize them.”

The site has a link to the online Journal of Slavery and Data Preservation, “a digital academic journal that publishes original, peer-reviewed datasets about the lives of enslaved Africans and their descendants drawn from the documents produced from the fifteenth to the early twentieth centuries.”

Click on the link and go to the Journal site where you can read the articles.


If you have ancestors, relatives or any connection to North Carolina, you might want to check out the free website called North Carolina Digital Collections at, part of the digital library of the North Carolina state archives.

To view what resources they have available online, just click to expand the “show all” menu on the left.

The 1885 and 1901 Confederate Pension Applications are in the database as well as War of 1812 pay vouchers, various tax lists, family bible records, family histories, court records, deeds, wills and estates, land grants and so much more.

If you know of a particular book you are interested in checking out, such as North Carolina Naturalization Bonds, by Betty J. Camin, just enter the author’s name, click on the result, and you will be able to see the book, page by page, online.

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