Several honors were awarded to participants in the 74th annual Frontier Day Parade and Horse Show sponsored July 4 by the Wabash Valley Horsemen’s Association.

Parade winners

Justin Long, King of the Cowboys, and Christie Kane, Frontier Gal.

Michael Reynan, Jr. King of the Cowboys, and Hallie Baker, Jr. Frontier Gal.

Sue Vineyard, Typical Cowgirl (16 and over), and Danny Hunt, Typical Cowboy (16 and over).

Also Abram Richmond, Best Lead Line Rider 10 & under; Abby Cane, Most Creative Costume; Bill Grimes, Most Original Costume-Hitch or Rider; Emma Harlan, Best Comical Hitch or Rider; Addison Farmer, Best Good Ol’ Days Costume; Ali Rexrode, Best Mule and Rider; Bailey and Payton Halloran, Most Patriotic Hitch or Rider; Justin Long, Best Parade Hitch; Steve Sankey, Best Mule Hitch; Harper Phelps, Best Hitch 52 Inches and under; Larry and Mary Paige Mason, Best Dressed Pair; Vigo County Sheriff’s Posse, Best Dressed Mounted Group (4 or more riders); Sally Delong, Best Dressed Western Show Attire; Joe Mrdja, Most Authentic Costume; Devon Hunt, Best Western Pony 56 inches and under, boy rider 12 and under; Josie Mason, Best Western Pony 56 inches and under, girl rider 12 and under; Faye Adamson, Best Indian Rider-Female; Richmond-Kane-Wyrick families, Judges Choice; Sondra Rogers, Oldest Rider; Willow and Stevie Holman, Best Frontier Costume.

Horse Show results

Kyra Cox, Egg & Spoon; Collyn Rash, Crawl Thru the Barrel (9 and under); Kyra Cox, Crawl Thru the Barrel (10 and over); Kyra Cox, Country Pleasure (English or Western); Amber Jordan, Open Western Pleasure; Collyn Rash, Pee Wee Pole Bending (10 and under); Kyra Cox, Open Pole Bending; Luke Montgomery, Open Flags; Collyn Rash, Pee Wee Barrels (10 and under); and Luke Montgomery, Open Barrels.