Indiana’a fish and wildlife areas are managed so fish, wildlife, and habitats can thrive and benefit present and future generations of Hoosiers. Help the Department of Natural Resources keep them clean and safe by practicing responsible recreation.

Responsible recreation means that everyone does their part to keep FWAs healthy, beautiful and safe for Hoosiers and Indiana’s fish and wildlife. While at FWAs, remember to take a bag to carry out personal trash. Enjoy the outdoors safely by practicing social distancing, parking only in designated areas, driving 30 mph or less on property roads, and only using designated shooting ranges for target or recreational shooting.

Planning ahead is another way to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe time while enjoying the outdoors. Along with any activity-specific gear and a trash bag, remember to take along water, hand sanitizer, soap and paper towels. Have an alternative location in mind if the initial destination is crowded.

FWAs provide excellent opportunities for fishing and shooting sports this time of year. Visitors can also spend their visit wildlife watching, walking, and enjoying the scenic views.

Use the interactive Where to Fish map at to find the nearest place best for fishing, boating or paddling activities.

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