The Terre Haute Bridge Club will be experimenting with a novel arrangement of partners for a special fun game on Oct. 5. The plan is to pair one of the club’s experienced players with a less-experienced partner. The pairings could, for example, result in a Life Master playing with a novice.

What’s the purpose of the experiment? The primary goal is to have fun. The arrangement also will provide a chance for club members to interact with players they may not know well.

Non-club members and those who have never played bridge in the duplicate style are welcome. If you’ve been wondering what bridge at the club is like and want to try it first-hand, the Saturday game is a perfect chance. You can play with one of your social bridge partners or an experienced partner who can serve as a personal guide.

The game will start at 12:30 p.m.; come a bit early to meet new friends. As always, your first game at the club is free. If you are interested, call the number at the end of this column and the club will ensure you have a partner. And remember, this is for fun.

Club results for the week starting Aug. 26:

On Monday afternoon, first-place winners were James Gormong and Jane Ann Gormong; second, Michael Miedema and Judith Harris; third, Milt Van Reed and Joanna Hebermehl; first in Strat B, Noreen Bryant and Mary Lunsford; second in B, Thomas Siefert and Diane Scott; third in B, Nancy Hanley and Mona Sternfeld; first in Strat C, Paul Ray and Sherry Ray.

At the Monday evening Fun-Bridge session, playing North/South, first-place winners were Thomas Siefert and Mary Lynn Siefert; second, Michael Harmon and Judy Emigh; third, Paul Ray and Sherry Ray. Playing East/West, first-place winners were Toni Smith and Linda Reynolds; second, Charles Bryan Jr. and James Buffington; third, Jerre Cline and Jim Hughes.

Tuesday evening, first-place winners were Mark Greenwell and Tana Holt; second, Mona Sternfeld and Patty Cottom; third, Richard Bernadoni and Art Western.

Wednesday morning, first-place winners were Noreen Bryant and Tana Holt; second, Mark Greenwell and Richard Dahle; third, Mona Sternfeld and Laura Lee Bright; fourth, Toni Smith and Mark Minar.

Friday afternoon, first-place winners were Milt Van Reed and Joanna Hebermehl; second, Mark Greenwell and Connie Shattuck; third, Patty Cottom and Tana Holt; fourth, Joan Chervenko and Toni Smith.

For more information on the weekly schedule of games and lessons, visit or call 812-232-1230. Come with a partner or call and the club will arrange one for you.

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