Each year the American Contract Bridge League totals the number of masterpoints earned by each member during the year and recognizes those players earning the greatest number of points. One of these ACBL masterpoint races, the Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs race, counts only points earned at the player’s local club.

Players are ranked nationally and in local geographic races. The Terre Haute Bridge Club belongs to ACBL local Unit 130, Central Indiana. In each race, players are grouped according to the number of masterpoints held at the beginning of the year. Thus, in the race, they compete against players of similar experience level.

A number of THBC members finished in the Top 10 of their respective groups in the Unit 130, 2018 Ace of Clubs competition. Among players who started the year with fewer than 5 masterpoints, Paul Ray placed seventh. In the group of players starting the year with 20 to 50 masterpoints, Jane Mills was 10th. James Buffington was fifth among players starting the year with between 50 and 100 points. In the category of players starting with 200 to 300 masterpoints, Charles Bryan Jr. and Mary Lynn Siefert finished seventh and ninth, respectively. Thomas Siefert finished second among players starting with 300 to 500 masterpoints.

The club’s more experienced players also finished well in the Unit 130 race. In the starting bracket 1,000 to 1,500 masterpoints, Tana Holt finished seventh. Among players starting the year with 3,500 to 5,000 points, Joanna Hebermehl was fifth, James Gormong was sixth, and Jane Ann Gormong was seventh. Congratulations to all who earned masterpoints at the THBC in 2018.

Club results for the week starting Dec. 31:

On Monday afternoon, first-place winners were Sharon Winters and James Kirtley; second, Noreen Bryant and Tana Holt; third, Milt Van Reed and Joanna Hebermehl; fourth, Charles Parks and Connie Shattuck.

There was no Monday evening Fun-Bridge session.

There was no game Tuesday evening.

Wednesday morning, first-place winners were Nancy Hanley and Sharon Winters; second, Noreen Bryant and Mary Lunsford; third, Tana Holt and Diane Scott; first in Strat C, Shafaat Dalal and Art Western; second in C, Mark Greenwell and Richard Dahle.

Friday afternoon, first-place winners were Milt Van Reed and Joanna Hebermehl; second, Thomas Siefert and Diane Jordan-Wagner; third, Shafaat Dalal and Connie Shattuck.

For more information on the weekly schedule of games and lessons, visit TerreHauteBridge.com or call 812-232-1230. Come with a partner or call and the club will arrange one for you.