Greetings fellow bridge enthusiasts of the Wabash Valley. A new promotion from Bridge Base Online: “Silver Linings Week” will run from May 25 through May 31. All “Virtual Club Games” for the week will pay triple points, and silver points at that.

Any Terre Haute Bridge Center partnership wishing to compete must contact one of our local club mangers: Tana Holt, 812-240-1904; Patty Cottom, 812-264-5032; or Mona Sternfeld, 765-548-5095. They can inform the Indianapolis Bridge Center that you wish to compete through the Indianapolis club representing Terre Haute. With triple silver points being awarded it should be an excellent opportunity to gain some of these rare points.

A well-liked local player (who will remain nameless so as not to add any extra pressure) needs only 6.5 silver points to gain Life Master status. We may have another Life Master announcement shortly, after the points are won and official notification received. Good luck mystery player.

Local club president James “Sonny” Kirtley conducted his weekly free bridge lesson from 1 to 3 p.m. Sunday. The much anticipated subject of slam bidding was started. Different methods of showing suit controls before a Key card asking bid were explained.

The superiority of Blackwood Roman Key Card over Gerber was examined and debated. Kirtley gave a very good personal opinion aside on bridge culture, and how online bridge is only placeholder until live face-to-face games can begin again.

The Board of Directors of the Terre Haute Bridge Center will meet Tuesday via Zoom. Some talk of moving this meet to an in-person meeting has been discussed but no decision has been made at this time.

As always, treat your partner with kindness and your opponents with respect and good sportsmanship. Visit or call 812-232-1230.

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