A field of 36 players competed in the Jan. 5 Terre Haute/Paris weekly Tuesday evening Virtual Club Game.

Results, all listed earning points: first, Milt Van Reed and Joanna Hebermehl; second, James Gormong and Jane Ann Gormong; third, John Wright and Thomas Newton; fourth, Sharon Winters and Tana Holt; fifth, Judith Harris and James Kirtley; sixth, Betty Piper and Thomas Siefert; seventh, Diane Jordan-Wagner and Jane Blair; eighth, John Burns and Michael Butts; ninth, Patty Cottom and Mona Sternfeld; 10th Louise Hilton and Shafaat Dalal. Special recognition to John Wright and Thomas Newton for finishing third over all and first in the C stratification. Thomas Newton is a member of the free Sunday bridge class.

Terre Haute Bridge Club president James “Sonny” Kirtley hosted another free bridge lesson Sunday afternoon on Zoom. The class has spent about a year going over the principles of bidding, now they are shifting focus to defense and play of the hand. A great teaching tool the class uses for instruction is the challenge match feature on Bridge Base Online. Kirtley is able to share his screen with the class as they play an eight-hand instant tournament, with input and discussion from all members of the class on each decision to be made. The class then sends the same eight hands to an opponent to see who can play the hands the best. The class challenged current champion Milt Van Reed this week. Unfortunately for the class, Van Reed is becoming much more familiar with the bidding habits of the robots. He won easily this week, partly due to some members voting for much to aggressive bidding. Any readers of this column are encouraged to join the group. 

Visit TerreHauteBridge.com or call 812-232-1230 for club details.

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