An item that may be a bit more difficult to move than boxes is our Historical Treasure this week. I like to think I’m a pretty stout and hearty gal, but I can’t budge this behemoth. This cast iron stove was made by Buck’s Stove & Range Company of St. Louis, Missouri. Buck’s Stove and Range Company started in 1846 and remained one of the “Big 3” stove companies in the region for the next several generations.

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The Southern California Genealogical Society recently announced its 2019 Jamboree, to take place May 30-31 and June 1-2 in Los Angeles – and this year it’s a “50th Birthday Bash” for the society. The conference will feature four separate events over the four days.

This weekend, the Terre Haute community and Indiana State University alumni pause to remember the spectacular 1978-79 college basketball season when the undefeated Sycamores (33-0) reached the NCAA tournament final game before losing to Michigan State.

James M. Gossom became mayor of the City of Terre Haute in April 1915 after Donn M. Roberts, his predecessor and best friend, was convicted of multiple charges of voter fraud during 1914. After the convictions of Mayor Roberts and more than 100 of hi

The movers have come to look at the items to be moved to the new Vigo County History Center. Coordinating the move of so many items is no small task. Not everything can fit in a box. Many of the items in the collection will have to be moved individually. Our Historical Treasure this week fits in that category. It’s not heavy, but some would consider it shocking!

The Clark County, Ill., Genealogical Society has been working on a county history and family genealogy book for several months. Due to delays in printing, the book is still available to order. Those who did not order a copy, but are interested in get

Born in Terre Haute in early January 1849, Horace Greeley Burt was a member of the first graduating class from Terre Haute High School in 1867.His father was the Reverend James Burt, a Universalist minister at a time when that faith was receiving con

2019 has arrived and the New History Center will be opening this spring! Over 1,000 boxes have been packed with lists and labels and numbers affixed to the outside so that we can find artifacts after we move. Yet, a few items still remain out of a bo

A recent episode of “Who do You Think You Are?” featured actor Matthew Morrison as he discovered that his South Carolinian 6x great grandfather was a Loyalist during the Revolution and was ultimately hanged for his involvement. The episode discussed

On May 14, 1895, the Wabash Express – one of Terre Haute’s daily newspapers – reported that lawyers for William Sourwine and George Roberts had reached an agreement with the Vigo County Prosecutor on charges related to the July 13, 1894 deaths of two

Besides the ten-year federal censuses that have been taken in every year ending in a zero since 1790, the individual states and territories also took their own censuses in varying years. These were conducted for a number of reasons including: to esta

Our Executive Director, Marylee Hagan, has been uncovering treasures in some of the items that she’s been packing. Recently she announced that she needed help deciphering a document, and we all pitched in to discover what the faded and worn paper had

As we are getting closer to the move date, there are fewer items not in boxes. While this is a very good thing, it makes it much harder to find treasures. This week’s historical treasure comes to us from the desk of Susan Tingley, where it was just w

When 13-year old Edward Price Bell applied for a job at the Terre Haute Gazette in 1882, he could barely spell. Gazette co-publisher Spencer Fairfax Ball overlooked Bell’s deficiencies and hired him as a reporter. Ball obviously saw something he like

This is part five of a series focusing on the non-population schedules that accompany certain years of the federal census.The 1840 Veteran Pensioners Census. In 1840 the census enumerators were asked to collect information on all military veterans wh

This is part four of a series focusing on the non-population schedules that accompany certain years of the federal census. These schedules can be highly useful to a family researcher for obtaining additional information on an ancestor.Social Statisti

The latest former Vigo County resident selected to grace the cover of Time Magazine as “Person of the Year” is Jamal Khashoggi. Khashoggi, a Saudi columnist for the Washington Post who was murdered Oct. 2, 2018, at an embassy in Istanbul, was chosen

December is half over, and many holiday celebrations are underway. As we are packing the old Vigo County Historical Museum for the move to a the new history center on Wabash Avenue next year, I’ve seen garland and gifts, trees and tinsel, and sleighs and Santas in more than one location.

Volunteer Jan Buffington brought a handful of treasures to me recently. In a little cardboard box sat this little metal figure bearing the words, “Johnson Sea Horse.”At first glance, I thought it was a random piece with no story to tell, but I couldn

This is part three of a series focusing on the non-population schedules that accompany certain years of the federal census. These schedules can be highly useful to a family researcher for obtaining additional information on an ancestor.Slave schedule

Most references to music and musicians in Vigo County before the Civil War were reports of visiting entertainers.In the 1860s, Joseph Toute organized a notable musical marching ensemble.A decade later, Professor Jacob Breinig, bandmaster of the 91st

Terre Haute’s universal identity as “The Home of the Coca-Cola bottle” is rightfully deserved.The city’s link to corn oil, on the other hand, has been ignored.When Theodore Hudnut, a native of Mason County, Ky., died on May 12, 1892, at age 71, he wa

I’m beginning to think that when our dedicated packing crew isn’t sure where to put an item, they bring it to my desk as a Historical Treasure. That may truly be the case with this small collection. Where do secret society and fraternal organizationa

This week is a continuation of examining the so-called non-population census schedules that accompany certain census years.Manufacturing and Industry Schedules. Manufacturing Schedules were included with the 1810, 1820, 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 cen

As genealogists, when we work with the federal census we tend to focus our attention on the portion that enumerates the country’s population; but there are other parts of a census that we often don’t even think about or consider. This week will begin

We are still packing boxes, but we are getting closer every day. We plan to be moving all these boxes to the new History Center before the year is out! Maybe when we get the last box moved, I’ll have a drink in celebration. If so, when I go to the st

While the number of celebrated attorneys who practiced law in Vigo County during the early 19th Century is impressive, it is easy to overlook members of the bar who devoted full or part-time to another profession.Joseph Sherburne Jenckes (whose older

The Bindley Pharmacy Collection is nearly all packed, thanks to the work of Jean Wilkinson. Over 100 boxes have been filled with herbs, medicines, bottles and jars. Below the display cabinets, other unique instruments and health appliances have been

As an 11-year old student at Weldele Elementary School in Terre Haute during 1939, Jimmy Lovell defined the world in which he lived only as far as his eyes could see.When he walked down the streets of Edgewood Grove, where he lived, his world extende

A few months ago, in March and April, I wrote about accessing and using the browsable databases located in their catalog. These are not digitally indexed and the results do not come up in the site’s search engine, but they do provide

The glassware is mainly packed, and volunteer Jan Buffington has moved on to packing the silver, tin, and pewter. Trays, teapots, coffee urns, and cups are being listed, wrapped and packed into boxes. But Jan has a sharp eye, and brought this week’s

In the summer of 1957, it was announced that Mansfield Dam would be built across Big Raccoon Creek in Parke County, creating Raccoon Lake. As a result, the community of Portland Mills would be submerged underwater.Realizing that the memories of a com

If you have ancestors from Dearborn, Ohio, or Switzerland counties in Indiana, or parts of Franklin, Randolph, Union, or Wayne counties, then a visit to Indiana’s Gore website is a must. The so-called “Gore” area of Indiana is a sliver of land on the

I recently attended the Genealogy and Local History Fair at the Indiana State Library, an all-day event devoted, this year, to “Digging up the Dead: Examining Death Records and Mortality.” One resource discussed by speaker Lisa Alzo was a record grou

It is the time of year that families start coming together for the holidays. Meals, conversations, games, gifts, and more make up many of the festivities that will soon occur. And guaranteed, at more than a few locations, you will find some nuts. Now

I packed this week’s treasure a couple of weeks ago and had to go digging for it. Up to the attic I went, searching for one of many packed boxes. I found it, hiding behind a stack of other boxes that had been packed, and I hope you find the efforts w

Discovering twins on the family tree is always interesting and sometimes confusing. It can be a challenge figuring out whether or not two children were actually twins in the distant past when we don’t have access to birth records. Sometimes it’s a gu

Led by the pitching slants of Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown, Terre Haute’s professional baseball team won the 1901 Three-I League championship in the confederation’s first year of existence.Terre Haute already had early success in the pro baseball wo

Sometimes we find old letters or post cards when looking through family memorabilia. The information in letters can be very valuable to the family historian, but, in a less-than-best-case-scenario, a variety of problems can come up when trying to ide

I’m going to have to start packing a box of just historical treasures that I’m going to write about. They keep piling up on my desk as staff and volunteers come across interesting pieces while packing. Jean Wilkinson brought this week’s treasure to m

Local newspapers in the late 19th Century were frank and forthright when providing day-to-day reports of court activity. Here are a few examples from a May 1892 issue of the Terre Haute Gazette. “The notorious Mrs. Louisa Volger, who kept a gilded pa

If you have ever been to the Historical Museum, I imagine you’ve wanted to go all the way up the staircase. Who wouldn’t? It’s cool! The upper attic levels are used for collections storage, and that’s where we have been packing this week. What I’ve l

There are four remaining online webinars available for free viewing this year from the Southern California Genealogy Society. These can be watched at home on your computer or other device:• Saturday, Nov. 3, at noon Central Time and 1 p.m. Eastern Ti

As much as I’d like to tell you that our packing is completely done and everything is neatly organized, that would be a lie. It’s a running joke among staff and volunteers — as we are working in one area of the Museum, we are making a small pile of t

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been reviewing the genealogy proof standard and how to evaluate and analyze the reliability and accuracy of the information contained in the records that we discover.Sources, either original (the first record) or de

A few weeks ago this column summarized the history of Bronsons’ Coliseum, home of Terre Haute’s first professional roller polo team. In 1905, after two years, the roller polo team disbanded and the facility at the northeast corner of Eighth and Cherr

When working on the family history, one thing you have to do is evaluate each new source of information. A source refers to the provenance of a record — it’ place and time of origin. There are two kinds of record sources: original and derivative.An o

Oscar Rankin’s childhood reminiscences of Terre Haute as a pioneer village prior to the Civil War are very vivid.The youngest son of Terre Haute cabinetmaker David W. Rankin and his wife, Ann Mary Crawford, submitted the history while he was residing

It’s not uncommon that as we are packing, we find things that make us go “Hmmm…what in the world is that?” While we have a knowledgeable staff and volunteer group and many resources, we don’t know everything. There, the secret is out. We aren’t perfe

Miss Rose Fehrenbach was interviewed by Susan W. Ball during the first week of August 1907 while she was in Terre Haute for the wedding of her brother William. Rose, a Terre Haute native whose stage name was Marie Rosyln, had just been christened as

In order to carry out thorough and factual family research, the genealogist needs to be aware of the Genealogical Proof Standard, or GPS. The GPS was created by the Board of Certification for Genealogists and is both a guideline and a process for pro