Food Inspections Oct. 11-Oct. 23, 2021

Expressway Mart, 1831 N 3rd St-(2 Critical, 3 Non-Critical) Debris found on soda fountain nozzles and ice chute to soda machine. Empty plastic bottles found in hand wash sink.

Little Bear Coffee, 2720 Lafayette Ave-(2 Critical) Molded cheese found in upright cooler(discarded) Opened packaged deli meat and cut chubs found without date markings.

Grand Traverse Pie Company, 75 N 3rd St-(1 Critical) No sanitizer measured in sanitize buckets throughout kitchen.

Tokyo Grill, 2950 S 3rd St-(1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Found built up pink debris in ice machine.

Footers Pizza, 248 S 7th St-(1 Critical) Ice machine found with pink and black debris.

Union Hospital, 1606 N 7th St-(1 Critical) Sanitizing solution not measured in buckets in front kitchen food lines.

Dunkin Donuts, 2060 Lafayette Ave-(1 Critical) Ice machine observed with accumulated black debris.

Tecumseh Tavern, 192 Durkee’s Ferry Rd-(1 Non-Critical)

Royal Mandarin, 600 Wabash Ave-(1 Non-Critical)

McDonald’s, 2111 Lafayette Ave-( 1 Non-Critical)

Establishments with No Violations

25th Street Tavern, 2452 1st Ave

Otter Creek Middle School, 4801 N Lafayette Ave

Vigo County Head Start, 705 S 5th St

Quick Trip, 1131 N 3rd St

St Patrick School Cafeteria, 449 S 19th St

St Patrick Soup/Lunch Program, 1807 Poplar St

Fuqua Elementary School, 111 Wheeler St

Sarah Scott Middle School, 2000 S 9th St

Fayette Elementary School, 9400 Beech St

Dollar General #21473, 9410 Us Hwy 150

The New Goshen Pub, 2477 Durkees Ferry Rd

Denny’s #8802, 3442 US Hwy 41

Eastern House, 1295 S 3rd St

Doherty Dining Hall, 3320 Eastgate Place

Market on the Avenue, 3320 Eastgate Place

Oriental Market, 2501 S 3rd St

Approved to Open

Hoosier Meat Rubbers MOBILE

Fupps BBQ and Stuff MOBILE

EL Patron Mexican Restaurant, 7205 S St Rd 46

Approved to Operate

Perfect Steaks

Approved to Operate at THQMA

We Likit Farmstand

Approved to Operate at ISU Homecoming

Sonka’s Irish Pub

Approved to Operate at Fall Festival at Conservation Club

Dre’s Ribs 

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