Sisters of Providence of St. Mary-of-the-Woods will host their upcoming Coffee with the Mystics series online as well as in-person.

Those planning to attend in person will meet from 1 to 3 p.m. Sept. 13 in the Foley Room at Providence Spirituality & Conference Center. Those who wish to attend online will receive a virtual link upon registering for the event.

The first of the four-part series will feature Sister Cathy Campbell discussing Saint Therese of Lisieux, who also is known as the Little Flower.

Sister Cathy said the fascination with Saint Therese of Lisieux probably stems from her “simplicity and her spirituality which is very accessible yet challenging to all Christians.”

“The youngest of nine children, St. Therese was born into a 19th-century French Catholic family committed to the church and to living the Gospel,” Sister Cathy said. “Also known as the Little Flower, she’s probably attractive to many because of her simplicity and openness to God’s grace. At the command of her superior, who also happened to be her sister, Therese wrote an autobiography “The Story of a Soul” that has become a classic in spiritual writings.”

Saint Therese of Lisieux followed her sisters by becoming a woman religious after joining the Order of the Discalced Carmelites of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel at age 15. She passed away at age 24 after suffering from tuberculosis.

Saint Therese of Lisieux is referred to as a mystic because she lived deeply united with the Divine, Sister Cathy said. “I think there is a certain lure to that. “Each Mystic reflects the mysterious possibility of becoming one with the Divine in a way that is transformative.

“Sometimes, mystics are perceived as eccentric types. St. Therese, however, in a unique way was a young woman who grew up in a family of pious people and demonstrated how an ordinary person also could become very close to God in her various relationships, if she focused on how God was part ofthem. “

The workshop will begin by laying a groundwork of who mystics are, Sister Cathy said.

“I try to define what a mystic is and what a mystic isn’t,” she said. “I try to help people understand how they fit into every day spirituality. Mystics can be hard to grasp. On the other hand, they can feel like old friends if you spend a little time with them.”

Future sessions are set for Oct. 11, Nov. 8 and Dec. 13.

Cost is $10 for one event in the series; $35 for all four. Participants are asked to register one week prior to the date of each session. There will be a limit of 10 people for in-person sessions due to physical distancing.

For more details email, visit or call 812-535-2952.

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