Terre Haute Community Band’s Children’s Concert on Saturday will be a musical celebration of that historic moment on July 26, 1969 when America’s Apollo 11 Space Mission landed the first man on the moon. 

Fairbanks Park will be ‘mission control’ for a variety of free activities that will begin at 6 p.m. and continue through the concert which begins at 8 p.m.

The Vigo County Public Library will bring new books for the children to select as a take-home gift.

Books will be on display beginning at 6 p.m. Music CDs from the THCB also will be available for children to make a selection. The Silly Safaris live animal show begins at 6:30 with a variety of mammals, reptiles, birds or bugs and involving the audience. The concert begins at 8 p.m. and includes the children’s parade around the amphitheater. Free popcorn and sno-cones will be available for everyone throughout the evening.

Music is chosen for this concert with children in mind. The music is lively and fun and encourages freedom of movement.

As an example, the bicycle chase across the moonlit sky in “E.T. (The Extra-Terrestrial)” to the fanciful flight of Hedwig in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” in John Williams’ magical scores capture the Fantasy of Flight in sound for all to experience.

“When You Wish Upon A Star” is a song written by Leigh Harline and Ned Washington for Walt Disney’s 1940 adaptation of “Pinocchio.” The original version of the song was sung by Cliff Edwards in the character of Jiminy Cricket, and is heard over the opening credits and again in the final scene of the film.

The song has since become the representative song of The Walt Disney Company.

“The Planets,” written between 1914-1916 by British composer Gustav Holst, represents all the known planets of the solar system at that time, and their corresponding astrological character.

Uranus, the Magician, uses the full band to show the impressive power of this icy planet, represented in Greek mythology as the god of the sky.

“Symphonic Suite from Star Trek” covers the early years of James Kirk, Spock, Uhura and Scotty, etc. Arranger Jay Bocock has masterfully put the best parts of the movie soundtrack together.

Julie Ann Giroux born Dec. 12, 1961, is an American composer of orchestral, choral, chamber, and numerous concert band works and the composer of “Space Symphony.” 

Giroux has been a true force in a male-dominated field and has accrued many previously male-only awards.