“Branching Out,” a solo show by Laura Mason, is featured through Sept. 28 in The Gallery at Clabber Girl Museum, 900 Wabash Ave. 

The Terre Haute artist will greet guests at her opening reception scheduled 6 to 8 p.m. Friday.

After receiving an art education degree, Mason taught first through 12th grades and later specialized in adult classes and workshops. She has published her poetry and now serves as a judge at art shows.

Mason said her favorite mentor, Louise Hansen, influenced her love of watercolor. Mason later worked in mixed media, collages and prints. 

“Artists love finding a new form of expression,” Mason said. In 2017, she took a nature weaving class with Cathie Laska and was captivated by the process of using small tree branches and yarn.

“Just the right branches were sought out, cleaned, trimmed and seal-coated,” Mason said. “Then they were strung to form a loom.” Yarns were hunted locally and on overseas trips with her husband, Herb. 

“Every weaving was unique, often taking several days to complete,” Mason said. “Accents or decorations were added to complete a theme.” 

One piece led to another and Mason soon realized there were enough for an exhibit. ‘“Branching Out’ became a double meaning for both process and product,’” she added.

“The weaving process was both meditative and therapeutic.”

Mason’s show is dedicated to Ruth Corregan, her grandmother and a master weaver, who never succeeded in interesting young Laura in weaving. 

“So, perhaps it is never too late,” Mason said. Grandmother Corregan would be proud to find her granddaughter happy to weave after all these years.

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