Vigo Food Inspections May 24-28, 2021

Expressway Mart 1831 N 3rd St., (1 Critical, 2 Non-Critical) Found hand wash sink with cups, containers and electronic devices around and inside of sink.

JP Stop and Shop, 2900 S St. Rd 63-(1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Various hot items in hot holding case found at 113F-130F all should be 135F or above.

Kentucky Fried Chicken #0221, 4400 S US Hwy 41-(1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Observed built up debris in ice machine.

Show-Me’s, 2324 S 3rd St-(1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) Mouse droppings observed on floor behind bar in banquet room.

Terre Haute Regional Hospital, 3901 S 7th St.-(1 Critical, 1 Non-Critical) No dates on parmesan cheese in walk in cooler and prep table.

Red Lobster, 3407 S US Hwy 41-(1 Critical) Observed built up debris inside ice machine.

Rose Hulman Rose Garden, 5500 Wabash Ave.-(1 Critical) Soda nozzles observed with black debris.

Rose Hulman Moench Cafe, 5500 Wabash Ave.-(1 Critical) Employee phone found on hand wash sink.

Sugar Box Tiers of Elegance (Mobile), 35 W. Laurin Blvd.-(1 Critical) Observed paper/debris in hand wash sink.

Rose Hulman Chauncey’s, 5500 Wabash Ave. - (2 Non-Critical)

Expressway Mart, 2951 S 25th St. - (2 Non-Critical)

Oy Vey, 1803 N. 3rd St. - (2 Non-Critical)

Dollar General, 4050 N 25th St.- (1 Non-Critical)

Rose Hulman Beanie’s Coffee, 5500 Wabash Ave.- (1 Non-Critical)

Rose Hulman Vanderschmitt, 5500 Wabash Ave.,- (1 Non-Critical)

Establishments with no violations

B&B Foods Cash and Carry, 724 S. 13th St.

Cannonball Harley Davidson, 3912 S. US Hwy 41

Dedicated Health, 1360 Lafayette Ave.

Dollar General Store, 4540 S. St. Rd 63

Little Bear Coffee Co., 2720 Lafayette Ave.

Maggie & Moe’s, 3901 S. 7th St.

Murdock Auto Racing Club, 1640 Maple Ave.

Nina’s, 1305 Lafayette Ave., 1305 Lafayette Ave.

Approved to operate at Banks of the Wabash Festival

Bayou Concessions

Classic Bakery

Classic Café

Classic Treats

D&D Concessions

Fargo Foods

Floyd’s Concessions

Giovanni’s #1

Grandma’s Iced Tea #2

Jack’s Concessions

KBL & Co #1

KBL & Co #2

Lemonade Cart

The Pretzel Wagon

Sati Babi

Sati Babi #1

Vance Concession

Yum Yum Cones and Floats

Yum Yum Shoppe

Approved to operate at the Tony Hulman Classic Race

Grandma’s Iced Tea

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