News From Terre Haute, Indiana

January 20, 2008

Vital Statistics: Published Jan. 21


Regional Hospital

Dawn Michelle and Jason McDaniel Rankin, boy, Jan. 4.

Breanna Dawn Vansickle and Joseph Franklin Varvel, boy, Jan. 7.

Ashley Renee and Terry Bradford Robinson, Shelburn, boy, Jan. 8.

Erica Kay Grahan, Sullivan, boy, Jan. 8.

Jodi Lynn Havens and James Richard Dowers, girl, Jan. 8.

Union Hospital

Ashley Dean Treash, Brazil, and Paul Ryan Shonk, boy, Jan. 4.

Lisa Lee and Dee Everett Burgin, Paris, Ill., girl, Jan. 4.

Carolyn Jean Sprouse and Jason Jim Farrand, girl, Jan. 4.

Megan Ann Duvall, Casey, Ill., and Lukas Andrew Cole Scott, boy, Jan. 5.

Katrena Lynn Marshall, Montezuma, and Juan Carlos Perez Hilario, girl, Jan. 5.

Gena Renae Craft, Cayuga, and Clarence Edwin Norman, girl, Jan. 6.

Megan Sue Cooper, Hymera, and Frank Belleu, girl, Jan. 6.

Fammie Leann Young, girl, Jan. 6.

Brooke Nicole Bellegante, Clinton, and Richard Leland Swinford, boy, Jan. 7.

Chasity Rae and Rome McKee Glen Herrington, Dennison, Ill., girl, Jan. 7.

Amber Lee and David Christopher Rash, Dugger, girl, Jan. 7.

Dakota Renee Tischer and Clifford Elvert Baugh, girl, Jan. 7.

Sherry Leona White, girl, Jan. 8.

Della Dawn and Jeffrey Wayne Weishaupt, Brazil, boy, Jan. 9.

Amanda Jo Lewis, Brazil, and Joseph Ray Overshiner, boy, Jan. 9.

Sarah Ann Darr, Marshall, Ill., and Jason Earl Scott, boy, Jan. 9.

Zahra Leeann and Amos Michael Campbell, Marshall, Ill., boy, Jan. 9.

Samantha Jane and Jacob Daniel Goodman, Merom, girl, Jan. 9.

Kristen Marie Woodward, boy, Jan. 9.

Bridgitte Ndilo Kiprop and Peter Kiprop, boy, Jan. 9.

Katherine Elizabeth Willan, boy, Jan. 9.

Jamie Lynn and Brian Scott Paul, Brazil, boy, Jan. 10.

Divorces filed

DeAnna M. Finley and William E. Jones Jr.

Georgia A. Rakes and Gary Rakes.

Audrey D. Howell and Steven W. Howell.

Michael A. Pershing and Tammy R. Pershing.

April Blair and Francis Blair.

Michael J. Feuquay and Jeri R. Feuquay.

Christopher W. Pruiett and Rosemarie Grace Pruiett.

John Richards and Holly Richards.

Lacey Joy Bigler and William Wesley Bigler.

Michael A. Pershing and Tammy R. Pershing.

Drew S. Sawyer and Regina R. Sawyer.

Micah N. Sherrill and Steven R. Sherrill.

Kemmy Bilyou and Terry Bilyou.

James A. Peters and Dawn L. Terwilliger.

Tara M. Mahoney and Charles A. Mahoney.

Sally Vandivier and Timothy B. Vandivier.

Angie L. Manuel and Kent B. Manuel.

Renate E. Whitlock and Frederick E. Whitlock.

William Charles Edwards III and Ashley Marie Edwards.

Kristy L. Green and Jeffrey S. Green.

Angela Sue Keller and Chad Patrick Keller.

Timothy Flemming and Tareyton Flemming.

Rhonda L. Wheat and Thomas C. Wheat.

DeWayne Jenkins and Carla Jenkins.

Ginny Mae Clark and Michael Lee Clark.

Debra R. Spivey and James E. Spivey.

Tina M. Rendon and James M. Rendon.

Melissa K. LaLoux and Henry A. LaLoux Jr.

Divorces Granted

Bobbie M. Bazier and Radine Bazier Jr.; her former name of Mason is restored.

Pamela J. Carr and Tracey A. Carr; her former name of Roberts is restored.

Heather R. Mathis and Stephen W. Mathis; her former name of Grant is restored.

Holly Ebler and Ryan P. Ebler; parties shall share joint custody of minor child; he shall have primary physical custody of minor child.

Scott Allen Mattingly and Terra Dawn Mattingly; both parties shall share custody of minor children; she shall have primary physical custody of minor children; he shall pay $183 per week child support.

Dawn Christine Foote and Chad Arthur Foote

Luke A. Knezevich and Laretha D. Knezevich; her former name of Taylor is restored.

Catherine Marie Schwartz and Brandon Raymond Schwartz; her former name of Parrish is restored.

Deborah Wehr and Harry Wehr

Jessica Marie Crawford and Chad Allen Crawford

April Segura and Hermilo Segura; she shall have primary physical custody of minor child; he shall pay $50 per week child support.

Otho Melvin Waggoner III and Crystal Lynn Waggoner

Jeffrey A. Mills and Jean A. Mills; she shall have primary physical custody of minor children; he shall pay $210 per week child support.

Daniel L. Trueblood and Janeen A. Trueblood; she shall have primary physical custody of minor child; he shall pay $900 per month child support.

Regina Bailey and Edward Bailey Jr.

Keith A. Mowbray and Barbara A. Mowbray

Terra Partin and Michael Irish; he shall have primary physical custody of minor child.

Amber S. Williams and Jesse Lee Williams; she shall have primary physical custody of minor children; he shall pay $285 per week child support.

Michael S. Grizzle and Leah B. Grizzle; her former name of Myers is restored.

Marriage Licenses

Andy Joe Weir, 40, and Lyndal Ann Yates, 40, 2587 Oakcliff Road, West Terre Haute.

James Steven Wethington, 37, 100 S. First St., and Michelle Renee Conder, 40, 1544 First Ave.

Joshua Wayne Connor, 31, and Ashley Marie Tanner, 27, 8340 E. Old Maple Ave.

Brandon Scott Brown, 19, and Sara Marie Sullivan, 19, 4289 S. 5 1/2 St.

Kyle Richard Harden, 43, and Tina Rose Harden, 39, 203 S. Fourth St., West Terre Haute.

Marc Alan Smith, 37, 1130 S. 11 1/2 St., and Michelle Ann Collins, 26, 5403 Cannon Court, Number B.

Jackie Duane Hartman, 73, and Carrie Louise Headley, 71, 2112 Kester.

Jason Griffith Fennema, 27, and Erin Leeann Epplin, 25, 914 W. Gordon Terrace, Chicago.

Andrew Paul Koll, 20, 9991 E. Railroad Ave., and Lacey Christina Patterson, 18, 4201 N. 16th St.

David Abraham Parsons, 30, 201 N. Elm St., Broadlands, Ill., and Barbara Nicole Gladden, 24, 1512 S. 25th St.

Craig Russell Skelton, 35, 3105 Buckeye St,, and Bobbie Sue Daugherty, 37, 1551 Seventh Ave.

Jason Lee Reynolds, 31, and Cheryl Louise Waggoner, 29, 1417 S. Seventh St.

Roemond Rozelle Fox, 32, and Angela Christina Nardi, 30, 821 N. 11th St.,

Peter Eric Christeson, 50, 7113 Coronet Ave., Forth Worth, Texas, and Teresa Ann Williams, 48, 2776 W. Paris Ave., West Terre Haute.

John Wayne Dupin Jr., 62, and Sheila Jo Isom, 49, 378 N. Chamberlain Road.

Jason Lee Elder, 23, and Brittney Nichole Harvey, 22, 110 W. Hensely Ave., West Terre Haute.

Eric Robert Rasley, 26, 9779 S. Kurtz Place, and Rachel Elizabeth Wilkins, 23, 202 W. Wheeler Ave., Apt. 5.

Brian Jemeal Moody, 26, and Paige Michele Carson, 21, 724 N. 12th St.

Joel Alan Hulett, 28, and Jeannie Marie Wilson, 26, 6427 W. Sarah Myers Drive, West Terre Haute.

Tobin James Bolton, 21, 2700 Schaal Ave., and Erin Rachel Rumley, 22, 2642 Schaal Ave.

David James Wulf, 50, 2615 N. Seventh St., and Mary Lou Zirkelbach, 50, 9120 N. Park Ave., Indianapolis.

Adam Dwyer Harkness, 22, 3334 S. Fifth St., and Amanda Lee Toth, 22, 3100 Wallace Ave.