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May 12, 2013

Student mentoring program offers one-on-one technology instruction

News Release

MARSHALL, ILL. — The Connecting Generations Mentoring Program can help those who would like one-on-one instruction on how to use the Internet or other technology.

The free community volunteer program matches adults with student volunteers.

Connecting Generations is a partnership between Marshall Public Library, Marshall High School, the University of Illinois Extension and East Central Illinois Development Corp.

Student volunteers are highly motivated individuals who wish to make a difference by helping others.

Mentoring sessions are conducted at the library or another public space. Computers are provided by the library, or participants may bring their own laptops, iPads or other portable devices.

The student and student mentor decide what topics will be discussed and set their own pace. Any number of meetings can be set up.

You can learn Internet skills such as how to send and receive pictures and emails; stay in contact with family or friends who no longer live close by; and explore websites to search for weather, health information, news and more. Some may want to learn about an e-reader or cell phone.

Interested adults can register for the program by contacting the library at 217-826-2535. Callers should indicate what they would like to learn. Students who are interested in mentoring can contact Mr. Pearison at Marshall High School.