News From Terre Haute, Indiana

December 16, 2012

Help fulfill 14th and Chestnut holiday wish list

News Release

TERRE HAUTE — The 14th and Chestnut Community Center is in need of the following this holiday season:

• Tutors to help kids with homework after school from 3 to 5 p.m., Monday-Thursday.

• Donations to help keep the building and children warm during the cold winter months.

• Christmas Food Basket items to fill baskets for families of children. Mashed potatoes, gravy, mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, stuffing, evaporated milk, pumpkin, turkeys, and more.

• Merit Mart items for children to buy for family members for Christmas.

Grumbling Tummies Cafe. The cafe serves daily snacks and dinner throughout the school year.

• Desserts and snacks (cake mixes, frosting, chips, brownie or cookie mix, snack cakes, cookies, cereal, fruit/jell-o cups, etc.).

• Meats (hamburger, pork, bacon, chicken, canned tuna/chicken, sausage, etc.).

• Fruits and veggies (produce of any kind, grapes, strawberries, canned fruit).

• Drinks (kool-aid, juice and water).

• Other items (Pam, cooking oil, sugar — white, brown, and powdered — ranch salad dressing, condiments, ziplock freezer bags, Crisco).

Mother Hubbard’s Pantry. The pantry helps people in the community in an extreme time of need.

• Boxed meals (like Hamburger Helper), mac and cheese, soup, crackers, canned fruits and vegetables, instant mashed potatoes, bread, spaghetti sauce, large cans of juice, beans, rice, cereal (dry or cooked).

• Baby diapers, wipes, baby food.

• Meats-tuna, chicken, hamburger, hot dogs, SPAM.

Merit Mart Rewards Store. The store rewards kids for good behavior. Children can spend play money they earn on hygiene products, toys, books, crafts, school supplies, etc.

• Hygiene products (shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, toothbrushes, lotions, etc.).

• Jewelry, sports equipment (balls, knee pads, baseball gloves, etc.), CDs.

• Candy bars or any other candies.

• Batteries (especially AA and AAA).

• Gifts for children to give to family members for birthdays/holidays.

Clothes Closet. Registered children can get new or gently used clothing to keep them clean and warm.

• Winter clothing for children ages 5-18.

• New socks for children of all ages.

• New underwear for girls (child small-adult XL).

• New boxers for boys (especially child sizes).

Moms Matter. Mothers can get together and encourage each other through their daily parenting struggles. Each mom in attendance is given a small gift.

• Gift baskets, lotions, bath items, candles, picture frames, and any other gift a mom might like.

• Gift cards for gas, dining out, or local grocery stores.

Building and grounds.

• Cleaning supplies (Pledge, Windex, paper towels, liquid pump hand soap, toilet bowl cleaner, Ajax detergent, liquid dish soap, Goo Gone or Murphy Oil Soap, 409, Spic and Span).

• Old cell phones or old printer cartridges (HP, Lexmark, Dell).

• 8-foot white tables for programming use.

For more information call 812-232-3126 or email