News From Terre Haute, Indiana

June 2, 2013

Watermark Landing legend

Watermark brochure
Special to the Tribune-Star

---- — Watermark was formed in Terre Haute in February 2012 to participate in the 2013 Year of the River, a year-long community initiative celebrating the Wabash River. The mission of Watermark is to promote local and regional community awareness of the Wabash River. Watermark strives to foster unity among the professional artists within the group and to raise public consciousness about the value of one of Indiana’s most valuable natural resources - the Wabash River. While their styles, personal histories and places of origin are diverse, they are committed to producing art collaboratively and strive to create work that inspires others, supports intellectual discourse, and educates the public.

1. Edie Richards “Alligator Snapping Turtle”

2. Edie Richards “Yellow Crowned Night Heron”

3. Rod Bradfield “Kayak On The Wabash”

4. James Owen Loney and Heather Loney “Devil’s Darning Needle”

5. Trevor Bridgewater “Year Of The River, 2013”

6. Stephanie Standish “River Through Indiana Farmland”

7. John Davidson “We Are Water”

8. Susan Tingley “Sandhill Crane In Flight”

9. Zac Chambers “Flatboat”

10. John Gardner “It Shines White”

11. Zac Chambers “Fort Harrison”

12. Jo Anne Fiscus “Crawdad”

13. Trevor Bridgewater “Ouabache”

14. Petra Nyendick “Tap Water”

15. Laura Mason “Tree Frog”

16. Sujata Gopalan “Greenfish, Goldfish”

17. Susan Tingley “Wabash River Music”

18. David Erickson “Fish Food”

19. Jo Anne Fiscus “Great Blue Heron”

20. David Erickson “A Carp Per Diem”

21. Todd Stokes “River Boa I”

22. Todd Stokes “River Boa II”

23. Petra Nyendick “Nature’s Cycle”

24. Rod Bradfield “Boat On The Wabash”

25. Susan Tingley “Shell Buttons”

26. Sujata Gopalan “Wave”

27. Laura Mason “Cottonwood Leaf”

28. David Erickson “Cardinal”

29. John Davidson “Lily Pads”

30. Stephanie Standish “Fresh Indiana Produce”