News From Terre Haute, Indiana

November 21, 2012

REDNECK QUAKER: Veteran hunter bursting with pride as son gets first harvest

Kenny Bayless
Tribune-Star Correspondent

TERRE HAUTE — When Langdon Pounds said “Dad, I want to go deer hunting with you,” Jonathan Pounds took him seriously.

Every cell in John’s body lives to deer hunt. After all he has the state record bow-killed buck for Indiana in 2004. It scored 1781⁄8 with 13 points on his head. He also sports many other deer trophies on the wall.

Now you get the picture where Langdon’s hunting heritage comes from. John’s daughter, Madison, is 4 years old and wants to deer hunt next year.

Langdon is a wiry little guy and ran circles around me after he answered the door. He was excited about spotting a black coyote on their way into the hunting blind. It was a big one.

Dad was preparing his little man long before season, having a gun made to fit Langdon. It ordered a Harrington Richardson rifle in a .357-caliber and he had the barrel cut off at 18 inches with the stock shortened. It was fitted with a Nikon 2x7 scope. He custom built a tall chair with a gun rest on it, and a foot rest to fit this hunter. It would also swivel on its base. Dad could turn him in the direction of the deer. Is John an awesome dad, or what?

Trail cameras were stationed in strategic areas and they revealed the deer hiding places.

An oversized deer blind was built in August so the deer would get used to it. It sits on the edge of a point at the end of a 300-acre bean field.

Langdon proudly showed me his practice target shaped like a deer, with most shots in the kill area. I asked how long they had to wait to see the deer and Langdon said “13 hours” while Dad said it was more like two hours.

Four bucks came out into the field and he said we waited for my monster, and he finally came out with them. They were all together. When the 10-pointer stepped eight yards away from the bunch, he had a shot. He said waiting the 10 minutes to take his shot made him so nervous he thought his hair was going to blow up. Ha, it’s his story!

Langdon held his breath, and when he pulled the trigger, the gun bumped him on his cheek. The deer dropped like a rock! He said “I aimed for his spine so he wouldn’t run away, and I finished him off when I got to him.”

I cannot express in words the pride John shows for his little deer hunter; this goes beyond bonding.

They tagged the buck, and then took a lot of pictures. Dad couldn’t even get it up on the four wheeler, so they called a good friend, Pete Goda, to bring skinning knifes and a gambrel to hang and skin this monster.

John said they made a lot of deer jerky out of him.

Bob Mercers taxidermy shop is mounting the trophy so it can hang in Langdon’s bedroom.

A big wild boar is Langdon’s next trophy, and I have no doubt this Dad and Lad team will make it happen.

I’m sure we will be hearing about Madison harvesting her first deer next year.

John, you are one of a kind! All dads should walk in your footsteps with their kids!

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