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June 17, 2012

REDNECK QUAKER: Local church offers great shooting event

Kenny Bayless
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — I would like to tell you folks about the Christ Community Churches annual Men’s Ministry Skeet shoot.

It was held on the middle of March this year with it being the fourth year in a row. Brad Edington and Jason Britton put on a great event with the kids in mind. Several other fellow members deserve credit for helping as well.

It is open to the public at no cost and they even feed you. It started out with only a hand full of members and has grown to several hundred shooters; they supply guns, ammo and clay birds at no cost!

After lunch there is a mandatory safety briefing on all aspects of, not only shooting but loading and conduct.

Many of the kids had not shot a gun before so valuable lessons were learned.

Tom Mitchell from Burnett was very proud of his son, Derrick, because he broke several clay birds the first time through. There were four shooting stations set up with each one getting more difficult than the last. I think Derrick broke more birds than his Dad.

After Christmas each year many of the fellowships in the area compete for a traveling trophy by having a homemade Chili cook-off.

Christ Community Church is located north of Brazil on highway 59. The Pastor is Rick Laskowski, he has a wonderful dedicated fellowship. “Thank You” for a great time.

Let’s do some turkey talk. In 2011, 11,669 turkeys were harvested in Indiana, down 20 percent from 2010, which was 13,742 of the reported birds.

Speaking of turkey, on May 6th I met a young man at Gander Mountain picking out a present for his 14th birthday.

Trevor Peterson lives in Danville, Ill., and lives to hunt and fish. Trevor said I just like to be out in the woods, I don’t have to harvest anything to be happy. Three bucks and a doe have fallen due to Trevor’s hunting skills.

Yes, this is about him taking his first turkey. Last year he saw a lot of birds, without a shot, so guess where he went this year. There was a small circle of trees that provided him a natural blind. A lot of gobbling was heard so calling for the most of this morning produced three strutters coming up the path. A 12-gauge Bennelli chambered for a three-inch shell and No. 5 shot did the trick at 10 yards, the old boy didn’t know what hit him.

Lori (Mom) had pictures riding the air waves minutes after the shot from her cell phone going to everybody she knew. George (Dad) was glowing with pride while Trevor told his story.

The bird sported 15⁄8-inch spurs, weighed 22 lbs and had lost most of his beard from fighting so much. Mom had a loving heartfelt look only mothers can have while we visited. George and Lori you are doing a wonderful job raising your polite young man of the outdoors!

Fall Turkey season is Oct. 17 through Oct 21 with a gun and Oct. 1 through Oct. 28 for archery.

Are you looking to do a little trading and bartering? The Sandcut Traders Fair has something for everyone! Yes, a lot of fishing and hunting items. $3 per person whether you buy, sell or trade. On Saturdays, the gate opens at 8 a.m. and on Sunday 6 a.m. The dates are: June 23-24, July 7-8, July 21-22, Aug. 11-12, Aug. 25-26, Sept. 8-9 and Sept. 22-23, Oct. 27-28, and Nov. 10-11.

For more info, contact Tom King at (812) 243-0742.

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