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May 10, 2013

There's an expert at Parker's Archery

Kenny Bayless
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — As I was driving the winding roadways of southern Indiana, a rustic building caught my attention and the sign on the front revealed it to be an archery shop called Parkers Archery.

The shop is nestled in the prime-timber hunting country just east of Spencer. When you step in the door, the feeling of a redneck paradise soaks into your soul. The walls are lined with major hunting trophies like deer, elk and turkey. Yes, they sell and trade a few guns too.

There are eight shooters poking holes in paper with their P, S.E., Bear and Martin bows.

A very courteous 23-year-old man greeted me while standing behind the counter with a wall full of archery supplies and I did not know who he was.

It’s a mouth full to get this title pronounced in one breath.

Zach Parker earned the 2011 National Field Archery Association’s (NFAA) annual indoor adult male freestyle national championship. Parker finished with a perfect score of 120. He had back-to-back perfect scores to claim this national title. The event took place in Louisville, Ky. Zach was only the second amateur shooter to ever post a perfect score at the event up to 2011, giving him a national record to boast as well.

Parker was crowned the 2010 Indiana state indoor adult male freestyle champion and earned a second-place trophy at the NFAA indoor tournament in Louisville.

Parker says he encourages anyone to get into it, that it’s a really fun game and you don’t have to be the best of the best to participate in a national event. It’s an experience and something to behold. Whenever you look at a national event, there’s no way to practice for it other than going to it.

This year, the numbers were up; they had 100 or 200 new shooters this year. It’s a growing sport.

He has a good league in his shop, with 20 to 25 people in the first one. There’s been an increase locally as well. The youth getting into it is great, because that’s where he started and that’s the future.

See what a country boy can do with just a stick and a string!


Jason Finley gave me a few words to pass on to you archery-minded folks, so read on. He is helping start up a new archery range.

n Illini Outdoor — The Range is at 2319 Georgetown Rd., Danville IL 61832. Website is Call them at 217-446-7870.

Among the action is an indoor 3D-target archery range, technohunt, bow hop and an ATV shop.

They have 40-plus yards of shooting area for the 3D archery range and a Technohunt system.

Leagues will be starting at the end of January for the 3D targets and the Technohunt. They will offer beginner archery classes for people who are not familiar with the sport or have an interest in it and need some help starting out. We have a calendar on the website which will list any and all events.

You families come on out to learn a great sport while having fun.

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