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December 23, 2012

REDNECK QUAKER: Wabash Valley lady takes her first deer with bow

Kenny Bayless
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — As Seth and I arrived at swim practice the other night and I saw the smile on a young lady’s face that gave away what she was about to tell me.

I took my first deer!

Eleven-year old Tamia Phillippi started practicing back in June with her bow and arrows to take that perfect shot. Her choice of bow is a Mathews Mission Craze in a blue gator color. It is set at 40 pounds and she shoots Muzzy, MX3, 100 grain Broadheads.

Her grandfather, Randy Powell, which she affectionately calls Poppy, was overwhelmed with joy when she asked him to take her deer hunting.

Tamia swims in the Terre Haute Torpedoes swim club, and she loves to read. Playing the oboe in the school band keeps her busy, but she says hunting is on the top of her list. She is on outstanding young lady that accomplishes anything she takes interest in.

She moved her 15-foot tall ladder stand three times so she could take that perfect shot of a lifetime, her first deer. She was concealed in the tree branches, so she had to pick her shot.

On Black Friday, she was sitting in a deer stand instead of Christmas shopping with Meme her Grandma! Tamia was sitting in the dark for 35 minutes by herself before the sun came up, although Poppy was only 150 yards away in his deer stand.

At 6:15 a.m., four deer ran past, then two does came through and one of them came within 17 yards.

When the Doe stepped behind a tree, she pulled the bow back and waited until it stepped out for a perfect broadside shot. She said it looked awful far away.

The Muzzy Broadheads done its job, hitting vitals with the doe going about 200 yards to lie down and expire.

When the doe didn’t drop in its tracks she didn’t think she hit it. Poppy was going to shoot the same deer, not knowing Tamia had already shot it and he realized he didn’t have his release. As he started to the truck he spotted the doe down. At 7:15 they went to collect her trophy. After seeing her first deer down she got tingly all over.

Randy Powell (Poppy) glows with pride for his Granddaughter. This was a bonding experience words cannot express the feeling.

Tamia helped pull it to the truck and skin it. They took the back straps to make tenderloins and ground up the rest into burger.

Next on her list is a turkey, and no doubt it will happen. She would like to hunt Africa someday but Poppy doesn’t like to fly, so they will stick with a coyote for now.

You Redneck boys better be able to shoot and hunt if you going to hang out with this lady of the outdoors!

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