News From Terre Haute, Indiana

September 19, 2013

South takes boys race, North wins girls

Braves’ Stohler rallies; Patriots’ Zeck rolls to claim county title

Craig Pearson
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — Fresh off a career-best effort at Brown County, Terre Haute North junior Peter Davis set a feverish tempo in the boys Vigo County Championship on an 84-degree afternoon on his home cross country course Wednesday afternoon.

Terre Haute South seniors Riley Stohler and Jack Harbaugh reeled Davis in about two miles into the 3.1-mile race through the north side of the Patriots’ athletic complex.

Stohler held on for the win in 16 minutes, 53 seconds to lead the Braves to a six-point win — 28-34 with West Vigo third at 76 points — over the second-place Patriots.

North countered to win the girls race in strong fashion behind freshman Devon Zeck’s first-place performance.

Davis started and finished his race well as he outkicked Harbaugh for runner-up honors, nearly catching Stohler to grab a time of 16:55.6.

“It’s my PR on this course so I’m happy with that,” Davis said. “I tried to take it out at my goal pace, about 5:14 [per mile]. I tried to take control and run my own race. Riley made a big move coming into the last 1,800, just over a mile and Jack went with him. They got maybe 20 meters on me max.

 “I fell back a bit but they stopped pulling away from me. The last 800 I decided to kick it in and made a big kick the last 300 to nip [Harbaugh].”

Stohler, typically South’s No. 2 runner behind perennial All-State competitor Jackson Bertoli, was happy to take a county championship. Bertoli, out with an Achilles aggravation, and fellow veteran Spencer Danielson did not compete.

“The last mile we had to drop it down a little bit,” Stohler said. “It’s my strongest season yet. I went 15:40 last Saturday at Brown County. We’ve got a good team, just have to get everyone healthy and running well.”

South coach Kyle Walsh liked what he saw from Stohler and Harbaugh.

“[Stohler] went out conservative and that was the plan. As soon as he caught the leader, he made a strong move, kind of strung the field out and strong to the end,” Walsh said. “Harbaugh same thing, executed play-by-play exactly as we wanted to, but in last few steps made a mistake that he’ll learn from. Overall, shows he’s really fit at this time of year.”

South junior Levi Elrod’s race was of more significance as he took fourth place in 17:39.7. He could be key in South strengthening it’s No. 5-7 spots in the lineup as the Braves hope to be among the top contenders in the state finals.

“Levi’s been on a roll lately. He’s going to keep that momentum going into the weekend. He’s running better than he ever has in his life. He’s stepped up and made us a true contender because now we’re a deeper team.”

The North girls also have big goals this fall, and having a nother freshman standout like Zeck should help coach Mike Dason’s squad tremendously.

“Real pleased with Devon, to have a freshman county champion is awesome. Could she be the next TaPring or Chanli, you never know?” Dason said. “What’s really nice about our team is we have a really nice pack and that’s what we’re really excited about as we head into some big meets.”

Zeck was North’s top finisher for the second straight meet, a big accomplishment with quality competitors like senior Jessi Conley and sophomore Lindsay Welker, who took second and third Wednesday.

“I was a little nervous because I had Jessie and Lindsay in front of me and they’re really great runners. As the race went on I felt better and had a good kick at the end,” Zeck said. “We’ve all trained really hard for this. We’re going to be a great team as the season goes along.”

North boys coach Tom Dever was proud of his team’s effort in its only meet at its home course. North also rested Nathan Moshes, who was “fighting a sore hip.”

“Obviously a good run for us. What we were working on is just competing better. That’s something we’ve been trying to get the guys used to is competing in these races. I didn’t expect overly fast times because we were at Brown County last weekend and had perfect weather conditions. It was warmer today, but I liked the way our guys tried to compete today,” Dever said.

South’s Jayce Farnsworth was the top freshman boy in the race, taking seventh in 17:51.1, but North’s Joe Mascari — younger brother of Indiana State’s John Mascari — was 10th in 18:08.6.


Terre Haute North 16, Terre Haute South 47, West Vigo 85

— Devon Zeck (THN) 20:07.2, Jessi Conley (THN) 20:29.7, Lindsay Welker (THN) 20:44.6, Hannah Bunch (THN) 20:50.9, Katie Schmidt (THs) 20:51.1, Mallory Sanders (THN) 20:53.6, Erin Buckallew (THN) 21:06.8, Kenzie Smokstad (THN) 21:29.7, Sami Holmes (THS) 21:47.7, Sarah Colletti (THN) 21:53.8.

Amanda Moore (THS) 22:06.1, Anna Nagy (THN) 22:11.3, Keeliegh Stigall (THN) 22:14.2, Nicole Howe (THS) 22:17.7, Morgan Morris (THN) 22:17.8, Maddie Plant (THN) 22:43.3, Natalie Shanks (THS) 23:10.7, Kirsten Peterson (THS) 23:18.0, Aydee Dalina (THS) 23:20.1, Zoe Kidwell (THN) 23:27.9,

Kourtney Clark (THN) 23:52.5, Kayla Dunagan (THN) 23:58.8, Janan Zaher (THN) 24:05.5, Emily Thornton (THN) 24:10.8, Shaelynn White (WV) 24:36.3, Madi Smiley (THN) 24:38.5, Sam Losier (THS) 24:56.2, Emma Sappington (THN) 24:56.8, Mal Cammack (THS) 25:01.1, Shelby Sparks (WV) 24:36.3,

Alex Hughes (THN) 25:03.8, Katie Barton (THS) 25:05.1, Adrian Fiordeslie (THS) 25:14.3, Taylor Bunch (WV) 25:25.6, Bri Keilly (THN) 25:44.7, Olivia Kissinger (THN) 26:46.7, Katy Jones (WV) 28:06.9, Carrie Esley (THS) 28:17.8, Shelby Edington (WV) 30:10.2,


Terre Haute South 28, Terre Haute North 34, West Vigo 76

Results — Riley Stohler (THS) 16:53.0, Peter Davis (THN) 16:55.6, Jack Harbaugh (THS) 16:57.3, Levi Elrod (THS) 17:39.7, Caleb Paauwe (THN) 17:41.9, Jonah Eckert (WV) 17:43.2, Jayce Farnsworth (THS) 17:51.1, Chase Cresgy (THN) 17:58.8, Tyler Nemeth (THN) 18:02.3, Joe Mascari (THN) 18:08.6,

Dru Keith (THN) 18:11.2, Nana Dadzie (THN) 18:19.7, Ryan Hannaford (THS) 18:19.8, Matt Barley (THS) 18:37.8, Adam Neese (THN) 18:47.5, Ninadh Ivaturi (THS) 19:04.6, Griffin Barger (THS) 19:13.6, Austin Romanelly (WV) 19:17.8, Brian Becker (WV) 19:18.0, Briar Herb (THN) 19:18.8,

Tyler Carter (THN) 19:22.2, Jay Beddow (THN) 19:35.6, Zach Burchyett (THN) 19:37.9, Brady Page (WV) 19:40.3, Andres Calderon (THN) 19:43.0, Kyle Jackson (THS) 20:01.5, Tyler Gambill (THS) 20:11.4, Clayton O’Neal (WV) 20:15.3, Adam Elia (THN) 20:15.4, Jake Wilkinson (THS) 20:16.9, Drew dransfield (THN) 20:33.1, Harrison Whitaker (THN) 20:35.1, Sean Sluyter (THN) 21:03.2, Austin Morris (THS) 21:18.3, Coleman Robertson (THN) 21:27.4,

Nathan Telflug (THS) 21:29.4, Jacob Weir (WV) 21:49.4, Ross Luttrell (THS) 22:26.8, Zac Otte (WV) 22:55.2, Thomas Haley (THS) 22:55.4, Davin Donnelly (WV) 22:56.4, Dominic Fields (THS) 23:16.2, Caleb Likens (WV) 23:45.5, Cody Rumple (WV) 24:05.1, Vincent Brayden (THS) 25:16.5,