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May 14, 2013

Woodrow Wilson makes strong showing in track

David Hughes
The Tribune-Star

TERRE HAUTE — The Vigo County middle school track and field meet, which started last Wednesday, finally concluded Monday evening at Terre Haute North High School.

With the second day of action postponed by rain Thursday, action resumed Monday and ended with Woodrow Wilson’s seventh- and eighth-grade boys, Wilson’s seventh- and eighth-grade girls, Wilson’s sixth-grade boys and Otter Creek’s sixth-grade girls (needing a victory in the final event, the 1,600-meter relay) claiming team titles.

Coach Jim Cottom said the Wilson seventh- and eighth-grade boys have captured the county title four consecutive years now.

“We had a miler today, Ryan Hannaford, who won easily,” he mentioned. “The guy who won the long jump [Wednesday], Corey Hayne, also won the 200 today. Overall, it was a team effort as all county championships are. The kids were happy to get it done.”

Melissa Weir, co-coach of the Wilson seventh- and eighth-grade girls with Colleen Sutliff, also expressed pride in her squad.

“We have about six eighth-graders who are pretty strong,” she said. “Janan Zaher scored 16 points and Ally Low set a county record in the high jump [5 feet, 1 inch last Wednesday].”

Another county mark set Monday by the Warriors was their 400-meter relay foursome of Stephanie Williams, Brooke Morris, Low and A.Perrelle.

“This is a very competitive, self-driven group,” added Weir, who helped guide Wilson’s girls to their seventh straight seventh- and eighth-grade county crown.

Turning to the sixth-graders, Wilson coach Jim Piantedosi praised a few of his athletes.

“Adam Craig did real well for me today,” he noted. “He won the 1,600 [Wednesday] and 800 [Monday]. We’ve also got Dexter Shouse, who won the 100 [Monday] and the long jump [with a county-record distance of 16-3 Wednesday]. … Overall, we’ve had a really nice group of kids. They worked extremely hard and did a real good job. I couldn’t be any happier.”

On the girls side, Otter Creek coach Maria Theisz was happy to keep Wilson from sweeping the team part of the meet, thanks to the runners on her 1,600 relay team.

“They were amazing,” she said of Hannah Cervantes, Kayla Harding, Liz Humphrey and Aundrea Kearschner. “These girls were key in other events as well. … In general, this team was made up of workers. They were enthusiastic, fun ladies to be around.”

The sixth-grade Otters have won the girls championship two years in a row.

Vigo County middle school championships


(Does not include last week’s individual results)

Seventh and eighth grade


Team scores — Woodrow Wilson 76.5, Honey Creek 61, West Vigo 23.5, Sarah Scott 19, Otter Creek 10.

100 — Keontae Smith (SS) 12.34, Clayton Noblitt (WV) 12.41, Corey Hayne (WW) 12.41.

200 — Hayne (WW) 25.14, Ethan Roach (WV) 25.54, Ty’Re Hutchins (HC) 25.72.

400 —Dylan Price (HC) 55.92, Hayne (WW) 55.95, R.J. Wood (WW) 58.90.

800 — Jayce Fransworth (HC) 2:16.82, Ryan Hannaford (WW) 2:17.17, Griffin Barger (HC) 2:21.15.

1,600 — Hannaford (WW) 5:01.89, Carson Kline (HC) 5:05.96, Craig Porter (SS) 5:09.01.

110 H — Wood (WW) 16.14, Hutchins (HC) 16.93, Nick Barrett (WW) 17.04.

400 relay — West Vigo (Burke, Kernstein, Noblitt, Roach) 49.24, Honey Creek 49.26, Woodrow Wilson 49.45.

1,600 relay — Woodrow Wilson (Brown, Case, Hannaford, Wood) 3:57.86, Honey Creek 4:05.94, Sarah Scott 4:16.13.


Team scores — Woodrow Wilson 92, Otter Creek and Honey Creek 38, West Vigo 12, Sarah Scott 10.

100 — Stephanie Williams (WW) 13.34, Brooke Morris (WW) 13.61, Elly Williams (HC) 13.77.

200 — Taylor Sams (OC) 28.73, Stephanie Williams (WW) 28.78, Tess Goatee (SS) 29.18.

400 — Karen McGuire (WW) 1:03.72, Amanda Moore (HC) 1:05.79, Morgan Weir (WV) 1:07.08.

800 — Devon Zeck (WW) 2:31.70, Janan Zaher (WW) Corynn Christjansen (OC) 2:48.56.

1,600 — Zeck (WW) 5:39.35, Zaher (WW) 6:09.33, Keely Thompson (OC) 6:25.14.

100 H — Sams (OC) 17.56, Laura Rogers (WW) 18.20, Molly Essig (HC) 18.60.

400 relay — Woodrow Wilson (S.Williams, Morris, Ally Low, A.Perrelle) 53.31*, Honey Creek 55.15, Otter Creek 55.93.

1,600 relay — Woodrow Wilson (Batson, Zeck, Rogers, Schuld) 4:33.93, Honey Creek 4:50.84.

* — denotes county record

Sixth grade


Team scores — Woodrow Wilson 81, Honey Creek 50, Otter Creek 29, Sarah Scott 8, West Vigo 3.

100 — Dexter Shouse (WW) 12.99, Cole Whitlock (HC) 13.13, Zion Smith (OC) 13.55.

200 — Damon Shaw (WW) 27.56, Bailey Merritt (HC) 28.42, Smith (OC) 28.67.

400 — Whitlock (HC) 1:01.54, Camden Johnson (HC) 1:01.64, Nathan Delacruz (WW) 1:05.95.

800 — Adam Craig (WW) 2:29.43, Delacruz (WW) 2:35.77, Douglas Dillion (HC) 2:47.21.

400 relay — Woodrow Wilson (McGuire, Sholty, Shaw, name unavailable) 55.67, Honey Creek 56.09, Otter Creek 56.15.

1,600 relay — Woodrow Wilson (Roman, Dunagan, Craig, Maschino) 4:33.69, Otter Creek 4:49.73, Honey Creek 5:00.83.

800 sprint medley relay — Honey Creek (Sizemore, Johnson, Jones, Roberts) 2:00.44, Woodrow Wilson 2:07.10, Otter Creek 2:11.03.


Team scores — Otter Creek 52.5, Honey Creek 50, Woodrow Wilson 49.5, West Vigo 12, Sarah Scott 9.

100 — C.Edinburgh (WW) 14.36, Liz Humphrey (OC) 14.37, A.Brown (WW) 14.58.

200 — S.Woodason (WW) 29.92, A.Brown (WW) 30.45, Orian Roshel (HC) 30.78.

400 — Hannah Cervantes (OC) 1:07.34, Humphrey (OC) 1:07.40, Grace Williams (HC) 1:09.69.

800 — Williams (HC) 2:36.16, Aundrea Kearschner (OC) 2:37.91, Lauren England (HC) 2:47.84.

400 relay — Woodrow Wilson (Brown, Edinburgh, Ellerbe, Woodason) 58.92, Otter Creek 1:00.05, Sarah Scott 1:02.50.

1,600 relay — Otter Creek (Cervantes, Harding, Humphrey, Kearschner) 4:46.34, Woodrow Wilson 5:03.17, Honey Creek 5:22.06.

800 sprint medley relay — Otter Creek (Baker, Cervantes, Harding, Mason) 2:09.36, Honey Creek 2:16.43, Woodrow Wilson 2:19.74.