News From Terre Haute, Indiana

April 19, 2014

Redneck Quaker: A young lady of the outdoors

Kenny Bayless
Tribune-Star correspondent

TERRE HAUTE — Where do I start to tell you about this 10-year-old outdoor lady? Let’s start with her own words from a nice letter she wrote.

“My name is Lilly Hutchison and this year when I was nine and again hunting with my Papaw, Mike Burch, we got up way before daylight on opening morning of youth deer season. I was watching a 6-pointer for several minutes until a larger buck appeared and chased him off, but not giving me a shot at him. Papaw and I were preparing a place for our evening hunt when a couple of does came across the field right to us. I carefully placed my shot and she ran around 8 yards. That evening, we decided to go to our neighbors’ woods. On the way in, we saw a large buck watering in one of the few puddles in the creek. Papaw said we would wait nearby to see if he would come back. To our amazement, he did! I was fortunate to take this 10-pointer, 250-pound buck. I have had many great hunts with Papaw.”

That a girl, Lilly! Most grown men never harvest a buck that size. She’s a fourth-grader at the Farmersburg Elementary. She is involved in baseball, basketball and drama club as well as showing rabbits and sheep in 4-H.

Greg and Stacey Hutchinson have two boys, with Cody being Lilly’s twin brother and Lane being the other brother.

Grandma says Lilly loves the outdoors and hunts whenever possible. She has harvested a button buck, a doe and her big 10-pointer, not to mention all the squirrels that fell out of a tree from her dead-eye shot.

Her bucket list has two main items, which is to take a turkey as well as a wild boar in the near future. She even helps uncle Scott run his coon traps. Oh yeah, he and Papaw will be doing a pheasant hunt also.

Lilly likes the mossy-oak camo and asked for hunting boots last Christmas. The 4-wheeler hardly ever cools off from her riding it so much. They have a hunting shack with sliding windows and a heater. Who says you have to be miserable while hunting?

She took her mounted deer to school so they could see an animal some have never seen.

Tom Lahay, the Sullivan County Conservation officer, was one of the instructors in the hunter education class last fall that Lilly scored a 98 percent on the test. She said Mr. Lahay is a real nice guy.

A Mosseburg youth 20 gauges with a red-dot scope is what she used to take that big old 10-pointer at 30 yards. Let me tell ya, any boy that comes to court this freckle-face, pretty young lady better have a four-wheel-drive truck with a four-wheeler in the back while wearing camo clothes and can shoot the eye of a squirrel at 50 yards. And you may have to outrun Papaw, Mike Burch!

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